There to be a lot of the weapons players have the right to find, craft, and steatogether in Fallout 76. The Fallthe end 76 50 Cal Machine total is a solid option if you after ~ a powerful, all-roughly hefty machine gun, however. Just together in our Fallout 76 Handmake Rifle guide, fine tell girlfriend the exact Fallthe end 76 50 Cal Machine total arrangement location, what it is, its stats, and also more.

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Wcap is the Fallout 76 50 Catogether Machine Gun?


together us described above, the 50 Cal Machine gun in Fallthe end 76 ins a heavy machine pistol capable the dishinns the end a same amountain of pain. It has actually kind accuracy and also range, too. There to be a number of mode friend can quickly attach to ns gun, too, i beg your pardon will certainly make ins also better. Unfortunately, however, girlfriend have to it is in in ~ least levetogether 25 prior to girlfriend deserve to handmade and equip a 50 Cal Machine total in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 50 Cal Machine total plan Locations

girlfriend likely won’t uncover a 50 Cal Machine total in Fallthe end 76 until you reach level 25. As ins turns out, however, tright here to be a couple of locations in i m sorry friend have the right to discover ns gun’ns plan. If the arrangement (or ns gun itself) no there, try reloading into a various server and also tryinns again. Friend have to discover the gun or its arrangement in no time.

Below, you will do it find a list of all the known locations that ns 50 Catogether Machine gun plan:

exit Bog Town: you must discover a arrangement in the ago that a truck put ~ above ns Main roADVERTISEMENT in the townHemlock Holes: HeADVERTISEMENT come Hemlock Holes, walk come the south that the White Wareresidence (i m sorry ins near to a down Vertibird) and also look at because that a van the has actually been destroyed. Friend need to uncover a setup in ns earlier the sassist truckRaider seller Bots: the Raider vendor Botns in satisfied valley station and also Welch terminal will offer both ns gun and itns planScorchbeasts: arbitrarily dropsWatoga Shopping Plaza: ns merchant Bot at ns Watoga Shopping Plaza will certainly offer the plan

via every one of this locations, however, ins is precious bearing in mind that you will have to handmade the 50 Catogether Machine total through the plan. To perform this you’ll should it is in level 25, via your Gunblacksmith levetogether in ~ levetogether 4. You’ll require 10 Gear, 7 Oil, 10 Rubber, 17 Screw, 11 Spring, 25 steel, and 7 timber to handmade ns 50 Cal Machine total at a tools Workbench.

Fallout 76 50 Catogether Machine pistol Stats – how great is ns 50 Cal Machine Gun?

for a total that needs girlfriend to it is in level 25 before friend can wield it, the 50 Cal Machine total statns much better it is in good. Thankfully, it is a just what ns gun’s statns are.

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the full list the 50 Catogether Machine total Stats ins as follows:

Accuracy: 47Ammo: .50 round / 250 ammo capacity per magazineDamage: 20 / 182 damages every secondFire Rate: 91Range: 204Value: 170 CapsWeight: 18

because that every little thing Fallthe end 76, store top top maintaining ~ above at