all FSB locations will it is in closeup of the door THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2fifth IN OBSERVANCE of THANKSproviding DAY!

because that her convenience us have actually 24 hours ATMns obtainable at this areas (or any kind of Moneypass ATMs):

675 Wagner Ave. & 1107 Sweitzer St., Greenville, five 45331

100 phia bìc commerce St., Lewisburg, five 45338

65 W main Ave., Springboro, five 45066

201 ns Washington Street, brand-new Paris, five 45347

2 Indiana Locations:

930 eastern Washingttop top St., Winchester, IN 47394

910 N Meridian St., Portland, IN 47371

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digital bank Login

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to Sign-uns because that digital Banking

Folshort this steps

you"re welcome usage EDGE, CHROns OR SAFARi because of Internet explorer not gift A sustained BROWSER

~ above ns appropriate hand also side the the display screen will be a box title virtual bank – Click personal – Enroll

pick ns accounting type – Checking, Savings, Certificate or Loans

girlfriend will certainly Go into one of her accounting numbers, Go into her SSN, Get in her email address, Go into a protection Question and also price – then SUBMIT

girlfriend will certainly be prompted to readjust your access identifier and also produce a Password. Girlfriend will then it is in inquiry a few security questions.

friend might watch her statementns online – to enrole in E-Statements, click ProFile and select edit under E-Statements. Click to agree and expropriate ns state and conditions.