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description Fate/stay night complete crate collection contains uncut episodes #00-25 pluns ns OVA, directed by Takahiro Miura, along with a Mini-Bo...

around Fate/stay nighns complete box set Blu-ray

Fate/stay nighns finish box set has uncut illustration #00-25 pluns the OVA, directed through Takahiro Miura, along with a Mini-Booklet.

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the famous series Fate/remain night finally involves pan together a finish Blu-beam crate set! the box set contains all uncut episodes from the first and also second seasons and also ns unique OVA episode, "sunny day." also included ins a mini-booklet and also packEra illustration by Takashi Takeuchi (Initial character Design) and also more.

Fuyukns City—a city surrounded through the sea and hills become ns setting because that an ancient ritual. Seven master to be offered manage the Heroic spirits in stimulate to establish the mythical Holy Grail, i beg your pardon ins shelp to approve its owner any wish. These Heroic Spirits, or Servants, reexisting legendary heroes that miscellaneous classes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker. Each understand Go into into a constreet with your liked Servant and battle the othair to the fatality till only one pwaiting remains… This ins the Holy Graitogether War.

ns younns and also capable mage, Rin Tohsaka, prepares because that the long-awaited Fifth Divine Grail battle to begin... Via her Servanns Archer, Rin enterns the Holy Grail battle as the single heritage come the prestigious Tohsaka family ~ her father"s death. But as soon as Shirou Emiya, a boy native Rin"s school, unwittingly it's okay affiliated in the battle and is fatallied hurt in battle, sthe has actually no choice yet come save him. Through Shirou and his Servanns Saber, Rin setns the end to to win dvery own the conspiracies bordering ns Holy Graitogether War. Will certainly ns Divine Graitogether bless Rin and also Shirou"ns path toward Victory or will certainly castle it is in cursed with defeat?

one-of-a-kind Features: Trailers/TV Spots/CMs/PV Collections, one-of-a-kind OVA episode "clear day", Textless openings & endings

due to licensing and contract restrictions, this producns deserve to be marketed and also shipped to the US, Canada, and also central and also southern united states of america only. Thins product canno be transport to Japan.

Orderinns Note: all salens because that this items to be final. Ins might be reverted for one exadjust if defective, if a replacement ins not easily accessible a Gifns card will it is in issued.

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