325 Franklin Street; (910) 433-1457; (910) 433-1458; (910) 433-1944 Museum Hours: Tues.-Sat. 10 am-4 pm; closeup of the door Sun.and Mon.

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ns Fayetteville location transport and also neighborhood background Museum is the hub because that history in Downtown Fayetteville. From the background enthusiasns to family members in search of fun, there ins something because that everya here. The historic nature division operates the museum, museum annex, ns north Carolina Veteranns Park and also city own historical sitens come include the market House.

around ns Museum

situated in the beautitotally brought back 1890 Cape fear and Yadkin valley RailroADVERTISEMENT Depot, ns museum supplies 2 floorns that engaging, artifact-to fill exhibits. The affluent history the ours area is said native pre-background through the at an early stage 20th century. Favorite spots in the museum include ns steamboat interactive and ns recreated terminal Agent’s Office. Exhibits are typically rotated.

Museum Annex

Conveniently situated next door come ns museum, ns annex continues Fayetteville’s story through added displays. VintPeriod cars, ns reproduced 1920ns gas station, and Fayetteville’s 1880ns Silsthrough heavy steam Pumns Engine to be a delight. Exhibit topics likewise include plank roads, fire room history, and also feight life.


ns Fayetteville area transport and regional history Museum ins a wonderful, educational reresource for the City of Fayetteville. In enhancement come a self-guided experience, guided tour are available because that schools, residence institution groups, scouts, churches, public groups, military units, and more. Tours are cost-free and also have the right to it is in adapted come fit the requirements that a vast range that periods and education objectives.

for even more information or to schedule a tour or routine speak to 433-1457, 433-1458 or 433-1944. Tours have actually maximum/minimum participant requirements. Us open up at an early stage because that groups and also tours have the right to be shortened, lengthened, or tailored come accomplish her group’ns needs.

Tour of ns Museum and Annex

Lens employee leAD the way through ours exhibits. Our tour emphadimension transport and regional history using a “currently and also then” strategy come make the previous relevant.

Downtvery own Walkinns Tours

uncover the history of local landmarkns and go in the footprocedures that historicallied significant individualities via a tour that Fayetteville’s Downtown historic District. Your customized tourism might include a visins to the industry House, the Fayetteville light Infantry Museum and Armory, Some of ns historic churches, Liberty Point, Cootogether Springs Tavern, and cross Creek Cemetery.

Precollege team one-of-a-kind emphasis Tours

us market themed experience for travellers eras 3 come 5. Each regimen includes a sing-along, story time, and expedition that particular artefacts in the museum and annex.

local government Program

action within City room to Learn even more around our local government. Hosted inside City Councitogether Chambers, this suffer highlights the role the neighborhood government and also exactly how ins operates. Studentns have the right to role-pplace assorted position in ns Councitogether Chambers.

neighborhood history Talks

require a speaker for your upcoming program or event? staff at the museum offer presentation top top a range of regional background topics come organizations and also teams in ns community. Whether it ins armed forces heritage, historic preservation, or anything pertained to Fayetteville or Cumberland also County’s history, we have the right to help do your regimen a historical success.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many kind of people enJoy visitinns the Fayetteville area transportation and also regional background Museum. Go girlfriend understand that you can expand her endure by becoming a volunteer? in ~ the museum tright here to be a variety of opportunities: greeting visitors, assisting via our collections, or helping via ours exhibits. Expand also her understanding the local history and also ns museum’s revery into the community. Help uns let ns history of Fayetteville and Cumberland also area shine.


In a participating and also supportive initiative and effective immediately, Fayetteville-Cumberland also Parks & Redevelopment has postponed all room organized programs, activities, athletics, unique occasions and rentalns until Additional notice. Startupcuba.org employee will contact and also job-related with impacted individuals and teams to reschedule or remoney at a later on date. Together conditions change, the status the these postponementns will it is in reevaluated.

Cancelled programs/occasions have to be removed. Program through and also astethreat (*) have been postponed.

Cumberland also county background Walking and Bus Tours

ns museum provides booked walkinns and bus tour to explore the background the Fayetteville and also bordering area. Registration is compelled for ns walkinns and also bus tours. Gap is limited. Because that more information or come register, speak to the museum.10+; Dates, time and also cost as detailed belowJune 15: “Toy Boom! playthings from ns 1950s and also 1960s”: A Father’ns day program;A work pilgrimage to discover theexhibit in ~ ns phia bìc Carolina Museum the background in Raleigh.9 to be to 3 pm, $5/Human & having lunch ~ above your own.Aug. 12: Charles B. AyPenis Birthplace historic Sit: A back to institution program; branch AyPrick wtogether dedicated come enhancing public education in N.C.;Modeprice walking9 am come 3 pm, $5/Human & lunch ~ above your own

auto society Cruise-In because that 4thFridayns in ~ ns Museum

regional automobile clubs are welinvolved make a pins stop in ~ the museum and also enDelight 4thFriday fun. Void is limited.every ages; 4thFri. The May-Aug.; 6-9 pm; Free4thFridays in ~ the sector home Museum

the market House, which is Cumberland also County’ns just nationwide historical Landmark, ins open up come The general public on 4thFridayns from 6-10 pm. Discover the exhibitA watch native industry Square: a history of Downtown Fayetteville. In addition come the irreversible exhibit, see a different regional background exhilittle every month.all ages; 4thFri. The May-Aug.; 6-9 pm; 4thFri.; Freeone-of-a-kind exhibitns because that thins seachild are:might 22: Fayetteville State University - bonuns Raiford Street Band also percreating downstairsJune 26: Cool spring Archaeology ArtifactsJuly 24: Postcard views of Downtvery own FayettevilleAug. 28: sector house Collectiblens - bonus Raiford Street Band perdeveloping downstairs

local history in ~ ns Library

the museum and ns Cumberland area Library and also Indevelopment center to be teaminns up to carry you a hold that neighborhood history presentation in associate through a walking or buns tour. Ns presentation will certainly be provided by museum employee and also take it place in the State and also local background Room the Headquarters Library situated at 300 Maiden Lane. Buns tourism it is registered is forced Void is limited. Because that even more information or to register, call the museum. 10+; 6-8 pm; days and expense together listed below:might 14: Fayetteville style - Presentatitop top and also Walking Tour; FreeJuly 16: Chesnutt at Twiirradiate - Presentati~ above and also Bus Tour; $3 and modeprice walking.10+; noon-3pmJuly 25: history in ns Cemetery - Presentatitop top and also visins come overcome Creek Cemetery Number 1 located ~ above phia bìc Cool spring Street.June 20: Liberty allude Resolves:

ns museum staff functioning in partnershins via ns Daughterns that the Amerihave the right to Rdevelopment will present a regime top top Fayetteville’s Revolutionary statements of self-reliance commonly well-known together ns Liberty allude Resolves. Ns occasion will certainly begin in ~ 10 a.m. Via a wreath lyinns in ~ Liberty Point, at ns confluence that Human and also Bow roadways and also will certainly be followed by a notop top regimen at ns F.I.L.I. Armory at 210 Burgess Street.10+; Sat. June 20; 10 am; Free


the museum features a variety of exhibits to to mark certain people, occasions and locations the impacted Fayetteville and also Cumberland also County. Us encourAge girlfriend to visins us often, as tbelow ins always somepoint new come watch and also Discover around the history the our area. Exhibit galleriens are open up Tues. Through Sat. 10 to be come 4 pm.

**new EXHIBITS**

Parks and also Recreation’s Rowan Park background – celebrating national Parkns and also Recreation month

In solemn event the nationwide Parkns and also Reproduction Month, ns museum ins highlighting ns background of among Fayetteville’ns early on public parks.This exhibit opens ~ above July 1

Fayetteville college Dayns – A ago come college program

before heading off to ns new institution year, cons uncover ns story the Fayetteville’ns at an early stage publicly and also exclusive schoolsThis exhilittle opens on Aug. 11

**ongoing EXHIBITS**

Afrideserve to Amerihave the right to medical Professionals:

start in ns 19thCentury, Afrihave the right to American be ~ took ~ above ns professional role the doctor, dentist or pharmacist in this community. Beyond their professions, this individuals came to be leader in Fayetteville and also Cumberland County. “Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to clinical Professionals” opened in celebration event that Babsence history Month ~ above Sat., Feb. 1, 2020 and will certainly operation with the year.

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all ages; During museum hours; Free

Fayetteville Baseball Fever

don’t miss out on out on your feather train in regional history! “Baseround in Fayetteville” ins the museum’ns newest exhibit. Opened march 22, 2019, through a unique 4thFriday celebration, thins exhilittle highlights our community’ns love the ns game. As us embark ~ above ns newest thing the baseround here, Find Out about ns virtually 150 years that homeoperation hittinns heritage. “Baseround in Fayetteville” will certainly it is in open via 2019 and also component the 2020.every ages; Throughout museum hours; Free.

Fayetteville Fire department History

Visins an exhilittle in our Museum Annex devoted to the history the ns Fayetteville Fire Department. Find Out just how the all-volunteer pressure established in 1791 has grvery own into a proud, professional teto be the first responderns that assist store Fayetteville safe. Ns exhilittle attributes plenty of artifacts consisting of two recovered Fayetteville Fire room vehicles, a 1880ns Silsby equine drawn pumper, and a 1920ns LaFrance fire truck.This exhilittle will proceed to flourish and also evolve.all ages; During museum hours; Free

beforehand Afrihave the right to Amerideserve to Businesses in Fayetteville

open up with December 2019 ins our exhilittle highlighting Afrihave the right to American businesses. From itns beforehand days, Fayetteville hAD a little however considerable free Black population, many type of of who to be engaged in organization throughthe end the Downtown area. Thins exhibit will certainly trace a variety of influential and thriving Afrideserve to American company males and woguys indigenous ns antebellum period via ns mid-twentieth Century.all ages; Throughout museum hours; Free

Centenniatogether the Ft Bragg

on Aug. 21, 1918, general Orders Number 77 wtogether issue by ns battle department creating Camp Bragg together a field pho Cantonment. To commemorate the Fort Bragg centennial, ns museum has revamped itns Camp Bragg and also Pope Army wait field exhibit. For 100 years, soldierns and also pitoo many have come from anywhere the area come train and job-related simply north of Fayetteville. Thins exhilittle focuses on this 2 installations Throughout the moment frame the 1918 to the eve the human being battle II. Ns facility and growth the these two Uns army installations, now Fort Bragns and Pope Army Airfield, has actually to be key in ours nationwide defense and also vital to our community’ns identity. Every ages; During museum hours; Free

Fayetteville “over There”- Centenniatogether that civilization battle i

Thins area’ns organizations, businesses, institutions, families and individual men and womales and also children increased come the occasion when ours nation gotten in civilization battle I. With a focus top top both military business and efforts on the house front, this exhilittle bit commemoprices the centenniatogether the ns unified says in ns excellent War. Fayetteville and also Cumberland also county do eexceptionally effort to return ns favor the our town’s namesake, Lafayette. Every ages; Throughout museum hours; Free

Lafayette in Fayetteville

Fayetteville is ns first U.S. City called because that the Marquis de Lafayette and ns only city called because that him that that visited. When he came earlier come america as a guesns of the nation, the city rolled the end the proverbiatogether red carpet to welcons ns renowned noblemale and also general. Find Out even more about the areas that visited and ns neighborhood people the met on in march 4 and also 5, 1825 and how thins area has commemorated Lafayette. All ages; Throughout museum hours; Free

contemporary Greece

artefacts recovered native ns Confederate blockade Runner modern greek to be ns emphasis that ns exhibit. Sunken in ~ the mouth of the Cape fear flow in 1862 through the Uni~ above blockade, ns recoincredibly effort that this shins and her cargo wtogether ns start of underwater archaeology initiatives for north Carolina. Ns exhilittle also highlights the considerable connection between Fayetteville and also Wilmington by means of ns Cape fear River, particularly Throughout ns civil War. All ages; During museum hours; Free

regional regulation Enforcement

law and stimulate has actually to be maintained in ns Fayetteville/Cumberland area location for end 250 years. Visitors deserve to take a look earlier at key moment for police, sheriff, and various other law enforcemenns agencies. Thins exhilittle highlamp A few of ns organizational changes, prominent personnel, and also devices of the profession in local legislation enforcement. Every ages; During museum hours; Free

polite war Exhibit

Cumberland also area Goes to battle is our exhibit commemorating the Amerideserve to civil War. Thins exhilittle functions artifacts, pictures, documents, and also education panelns i m sorry explore Cumberland also County’s war endure both ~ above ns battlearea and the sacrifices do ~ above the residence front. All ages; During museum hours; Free

Railroading in Fayetteville

Fayetteville’ns historic prominence together a transport hub connected river, roadways and rails. From a very early rail system in ns 1820s to ns western RailroADVERTISEMENT bringinns charcoal and iron to ns passenger and freight relations establiburned by ns CF&YV RailroAD and Atlantic shore Railroad, train take a trip has actually been vital come this community’s economic climate and wellbeing. RailroADVERTISEMENT enthusiasm will enHappiness the artefacts and indevelopment highlighted in this exhibit. Every ages; Throughout museum hours; Free