small Mtop top Tresor buckens bag with drawstring fastening and also metal decoration in the Fendns logo shape. 2 detachmaybe shoulder straps, a long and also a short, to lug ns bans by hand, over the shoulder or cross-body. Do that brown calfskin. Top FF pattern in raised Print and also hand-painted in black. Gold-complete metalware.made in Italy

Producns Code:8BS010A659F13VK Length:12, cm Height:18, cm Depth:10, centimeter Weight:0,298 kns Composition:100% Calfskin, inside: 60% Polyamide, 40% Polyurethane
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us market complimentary typical shippinns top top every orders. Ns parcetogether will it is in yielded in 4 come 6 working days. Express shipping is accessible if friend desire come get your stimulate in 2 come 3 working days.Retransforms are constantly free and have the right to be asked for within 14 dayns indigenous delivery. You"re welcome Note it is no feasible come rerotate personalized items.

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Shipping and also Returns

Shippinns and Retransforms

EnDelight free typical shippinns top top every orders and also totally free returns within 14 days from delivery. Please Keep in mind it is no possible to return personalized items.

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