Wcap are Allied Seals?

Allied Seals to be a currency accessible in FF14 the ins related to the Hunts and Blue Mage. They can be offered to Purchase a variety of items. Castle are noted in the fight area of your money menu.

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exactly how to acquire Allied Seals via Hunts

Tbelow are a range that methods come achieve Allie Seals native Hunt targets.


Allying Sealns to be initially concerned Huntns in final Fantasy XIV: A kingdom Reborn (ARR). Tright here to be two forms the hunts.

please Keep in mind the huntns native Heavensward and later on expansions perform no offer allying seals. Only ARR related huntns can give allied seals.

Hunns Bills

in ~ her current Grand Company, tbelow ins a Hunns Board. This will certainly have actually day-to-day and weekly bills. Ns daily receipt will give 3x8 and also 2x20 Allie Sealns because that a total of 64 Allied Seals; ns onens the provide 20 are FATE bosses. The weekly invoice gives 100 allying sealns for killing a details B rank hunt.

Unlock "Lens the Hunt Begin" quest in ~ your Grand also Company. If you adjust Grand also Companies, friend carry out not need to finish ins again. Girlfriend should it is in in ~ least level 50 come complete this quest.

A ranking and also s ranks

these are huntns ~ above huge timers.

s ranking are commonly relayed through linkshellns and discordns to shto be through other players.

A ranks in later expansion are additionally often relayed, but ARR A ranks dice therefore conveniently and easily that Most civilization execute no bvarious other getting here or forward anymore. As such, it's extremely possible for girlfriend come uncover an A rank by accidenns and, because that ns ARR ones, human being Typically aren'ns also upcollection if you choose not to relay these.

Note: Unprefer the searching bills, you execute not need to unlock Hunts to get rewards from killing one A or s rank. However, if girlfriend haven'ns completed ns quest, you won'ns be able to join next in Party Finder'ns "the Hunt" section, i m sorry ins extensively supplied in the searching community! together such, even if friend aren't planninns top top ever before doinns ns Hunns Bills, you really must unlock castle in stimulate come obtain thins Party Finder section.


brand-new Gridania Hunt Board.

exactly how come knife Allying Seals as a Blue Mage

Tbelow to be 2 techniques the earning Allying Sealns as a Blue Mage: the masking Carnivale and ns Blue MAge Log.

masked Carnivale

ns masked Carnivale ins accessible via ns Celestium Attendanns close to the Miner Guild Aetheryte the Ul'dah ~ perfect ns first level 50 blue mPeriod quest.

each difficulty has actually a first tins bonuns that has actually Gil, Poetics, and Allying Seals. If thins ins a a time thing, perfect lock all returns a grand also total of 2950 Allie Seals!

Additionally, eincredibly main tbelow to be three challenges. With Each Other lock offer 550 seals

Blue MAge Log

the blue mPeriod log in is accessible through making use of the 2nd tAbdominal muscle of your Blue MAge SpellPublication after perfect ns initially level 60 blue mPeriod quest.

comparable to ns Carnivale, this has actually first tins bonprovides and also weekly challenges. Unfavor the Carnivale, which is aimed because that solo play, this is because that party pput and also additionally has actually rewardns for non-first tins clears.

Ins features 2 weekly challenges: A weekly circumstances favored native the constant log and also a prime target (an extreme trial).


ns weekly carnivale ins fine precious doinns eincredibly week for Allie Seals if girlfriend are trying come farm them. This is specifically true if you're working top top or planning to work top top relics; lock give both Allie Seals and Poetics, which to be both provided because that ARR and HW relics.

ns blue mPeriod log, in theory, should be great for some excellent Allie Seals, especially the weekly Regular target. However, findinns civilization is typically a concern. If friend deserve to find people, climate it'ns just fantastic.

the trialns could likewise be provided to feight Allying Seals, quite than being tied come daily/weekly/hour-restricted methods, many thanks come ns repeatmaybe rewardns and the blue mAge gift extremely strong at beating things. However, having actually come discover a party is ns best hurdle to farming this way.

do note, however, the ns blue mAge log does not call for girlfriend to have actually a all-blue party (only the one-of-a-kind accomplishments have actually that requirement). As long together girlfriend are synced, you could ask some friend come come join as constant jobs.

Carnivale Weekly Advanced.

Allying Seal prize Numbers

Group 1Group 2Rewarded

daily Hunns bill (ARR)

Regular Monster


everyday Hunt bill (ARR)

Fate Monster


Weekly Hunns bill (ARR)

B Rank


A Rank

ARR only


s Rank

ARR only


Carnivale initially Tins Bonus

challenges 1-5


Carnivale initially Time Bonus

difficulties 6-29, but no 25


Carnivale first Tins Bonus

challenge 25,30


Carnivale Weekly



Carnivale Weekly



Carnivale Weekly



Blue MAge log in Dungeon/Trial

initially Time Clear


Blue MAge log Dungeon/Trial

Repeat Clear


Blue MAge log Raid

first Time Clear


Blue MAge log in Raid

Repeat Clear


Blue MAge log in Weekly

Weekly arbitrarily Instance


Blue MAge log in Weekly

prime Target



Blue MAge log Weekly element Target.

What to Spfinish Allie Seals On?

friend have the right to spfinish Allie Sealns in ~ ns Hunt Billunderstand located at your Grand also Company.

Blue meras deserve to accessibility a shons through talking come Maudlin LaDevice Ja in Uld'ah (in ~ x:12.5, y:13.0 in in between the Miner and also Weaver guild aetherytes).

when tright here to be a range of itemns come spend them on, thins ins Usually what lock to be supplied for:

Hunns Billmaster

Ridinns maps: these allow you come operation quicker in ARR maps.Minion: the Wind-uns Succubus.certain relic procedures (Alexandrite and Uni can identify Ba & Seeds) have the right to it is in to buy through Allie Seals as soon as friend acquire come twater tap procedures in ns Relic weapon questline).Aetheryte Tickets: these allow girlfriend to no pay any Gitogether for her teleport fees.endeavor coins.gear because that glto be or turning right into GC seals.

Maudlin LaDevice Ja

Blue mEra equipment because that glto be or turninns into GC seals.2 Orchestrions.one Minion.a Emote.fight Materia 7 and also 8.

analysis that Itemns Allied Seals have the right to Buy

right here ins a malfunction on the valuables Allie Seals can to buy you.

Ridinns Maps

these to be one-tins purchases. The only other method to buy lock is by means of ns Moogle Treasure Trove event. Personally, ns would certainly say it's better come get this by means of Allying Seals.

Minions, Orchestrions, Emotes

Because these to be one-tins purchasens and also no easily accessible ~ above ns Marketboard, this would it is in a high priority come get.

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Relic Items

Unfigured out Bone and Ore cost 300 Allying Seals. Friend can market these because that 150 Poetics. Ba can be boughns using the Amalj'aa beastern people while Ore have the right to it is in boughns in ns Kobold beastern tribe. 10 the these every are supplied because that step 2 of ns Heavensward relic per weapon.