the palace of ns DeADVERTISEMENT is a ever-altering dungeon whose architecture ins never before fairly ns same each tins football player Go into come check out its depths. Every players will certainly start at level one, and only through fighting the adversaries wislim will certainly lock be able to gain ns stamina and also suffer essential to discover itns shadowy player that pick to leave and also return later on have the right to continue playing from where lock last saved. We challenge all who Go into to make ins to the critical floor!

the house the death Built


Disciple the battle or Magic level 17

new Gridania

Nojiro Marujiro

players need to initially complete the Key scestartupcuba.orgrio pursuit "right into a Copper Hell."

Entering ns royal residence that ns Dead 

players deserve to Enter ns royal residence the the DeAD through speak via ns lumber Wailer expeditiostartupcuba.orgry captain in the southern Shroud at Quarrymiltogether (X:25.2 Y:20.6). As soon as enterinns together a party, just the party leader have the right to begin the instance.

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southern Shroud

lumber Wailer Expeditiostartupcuba.orgry Captain

fixed Party

players may Get in through a team that as much as four players, through no limitations to classes, jobs, or roles. 

Entering together a solved Party

after speak via the hardwood Wailer expeditiostartupcuba.orgry captain, pick "Get in the royal residence the the Dead," then pick a unused save slot. Next, pick "Go into via a solved party." every future forays into ns royal residence the ns DeAD have to be da via the party members and also party composition favored top top registering.

Party Composition

as soon as producing a addressed party, players to be complimentary come select any kind of combistartupcuba.orgti~ above of work and also classes they desire.

conserve Data

her character"s level, aetherpool eight and armor strength, inventory, and also floor progression will certainly it is in recorded.

Resuming Play

players in a addressed party must have actually unicreate save data. Moreover, this conserve data have the right to only it is in provided with the party members and also party composition liked once first enterinns the royal residence the ns Dead.

Matchead Party

similar come ns Duty Finder, players might choose to be randomly matched through other players on ns same information center. Matched next will certainly constantly be consisted of that four players. Once registerinns via much less 보다 4 players, any type of open up party slot will it is in fill automatically. 

Entering together a Matched Party

after speaking through ns wood Wailer expeditiostartupcuba.orgry captain, choose "Enter the royal residence of ns Dead," climate pick a unprovided save slot. Next, select "Go into with a matchead party." all future forays right into the royal residence that the DeAD should be done through ns course or job favored once initially registering.

Party Composition

football player in matchead next to be cost-free to pick any type of complace that jobs and classens they desire. It is no essential come it is registered with the very same players each time. However, girlfriend have to usage the course or task you selected once initially registering as a matchead party.

save Data

your character"s level, aetherswimming pool eight and also armor strength, and floor progression data will certainly be saved.

Resuminns Play

football player will it is in matchead with party members that have ns exact same floor progression saved. In stimulate to it is in matched, players need to Get in via the same course or project the was fitted as soon as development wtogether initially saved. Furthermore, aetherswimming pool tools and gear strength must it is in over ns requiwebsite for ns given floor.

players can join a party in progress through first checking ns "join Party in Progress" crate in the Duty Finder menu, climate speaking with the lumber Wailer expeditiostartupcuba.orgry captain.* personality levetogether might it is in readjusted as soon as joininns a party in progress.

record Progress

boss opponents will appear eexceptionally 10 floors. Upon defeating them, football player will have the ability to document your progress, at i m sorry time castle may select come leave ns deens dungeon. You"re welcome Note that progress made in strengthening aetherpool eight and armor is conserved individually and also shared across all conserve data. Check out listed below because that more details.* conserve information will not be update in ns event you log in the end or lose connection before beating the boss and also recording her progress. 

Additiostartupcuba.orgl Floors

football player who have actually clearing floor 50 of the royal residence of the DeAD will certainly it is in offered ns alternative come begin native floor 1 or floor 51 once producing a brand-new conserve file. As soon as founding native floor 51, players will certainly it is in set to levetogether 60 and also your inventories will be cleared the pomanders.* A search will certainly come to be easily accessible ~ clear floor 50 which have to it is in completed prior to proceeding come floor 51.* every floors after ~ floor 100 are draft strict together an obstacle because that players. Together such, friend cannot Enter via a matchead party. Furthermore, her Party KO counting need to be zero in stimulate come enter.

Unlocking Floor 51 and Beyond

Wcap Lies Beneath

Disciple of battle or Magic level 17

southern Shroud

lumber Wailer Expeditiostartupcuba.orgry Captain

football player have to initially finish ns quest "the house that fatality Built," and also have also clearing floor 50 the ns royal residence that ns Dead.

Levetogether Requirementitems Level Requirementitems Level Syncnumber of ParticipantsTime Limit
Disciple the war or Magic
up to four players
60 minutes

* all floors ~ floor 100 are draft strict together a challenge for players. Together such, you cannot Get in with a matched party. Furthermore, your Party KO count should be zero in order come enter.

personality Growth

football player will certainly start ns palace that the DeAD at levetogether 1 regardless the their current course or project level. By defeating opponents the show up in the dungeon, players will be able to acquire EXns and level their personalities approximately 60. Your royal residence of ns DeAD levetogether ins no straight related to your levetogether external the ns dungeon.* players Right now on your cost-free triatogether or that have no yet purchased FIstartupcuba.orgtogether FANTASY XIV: Heavensward will certainly additionally be able to levetogether their characters to 60 within ns palace the ns Dead.

Dunge~ above EXP

every enemies football player enrespond to in the palace that the DeAD will certainly provide a solved amount of EXns regardless the ns variety of memberns in her party or ns difference in level between you and also the enemy. Rest experience and also suffer bonuses will likewise be ignored.* Attribute pointns will certainly no be accounted for in the royal residence that the Dead.


Tbelow will it is in no adjustments come or limitations ~ above any type of actions, additiostartupcuba.orgtogether actions, or statuses. However, football player have to first reach ns required level in ns dungetop top to have accessibility to them. Players will certainly also have actually the chance to gain action and statprovides above your present level regardmuch less the whether or not they have actually perfect the necessary course or project quests.* please Note that football player who have entered ns deep dungetop top through a course will certainly it is in minimal from utilizing any type of project actions.

Aetherpool Gear

football player will certainly be restricted to ns usage of an aetherswimming pool eight and aetherpool armor once inside the royal residence of the Dead. In addition to obtaining levels, football player should enhance this itemns together castle progression with the dungeon. Note the aetherpool armor will certainly take ns figure the your present gear top top enterinns the instance.* Typical gear has actually no impact on your character"s attributes within palace the the Dead.* Aetherswimming pool equipment development will certainly no carry end indigenous palace of ns DeADVERTISEMENT come Heaven-on-High.

increase Aetherswimming pool Gear

Aetherswimming pool equipment deserve to be magnified through accessong silver coffers. These coffers appear randomly on every floor and also after ~ beating particular enemies. When boosting gear, tright here ins a chance the failure that different relying on the current levetogether the her equipment and also the floor wright here the silver cmarket ins found. Aetherswimming pool gear deserve to be enhanced come a best strength the +99. In the occasion ns toughness that your aetherswimming pool gear exceeds ns best enabled by your current level, its attributes will certainly be synced.

gear Durability and also Spiritbonding

Aetherswimming pool equipment is not subject to durcapacity loss, no one have the right to it obtain spiritshortcut once inside ns palace of the Dead.* Thins also uses to any type of gear fitted upon enterinns the instance.


players will, on occasion, achieve pomanderns native treasure chestns within ns royal residence the ns Dead. These items have various uses varying indigenous display the entire mans the her present floor, to giving party memberns via advantageous effects. Up to 3 that each pomander deserve to be hosted at any kind of time. These itemns deserve to it is in discovered in a shared perform to be offered by all party members.* Typical itemns together together potions can still it is in provided separately the this shared inventory.

Pomanderns canno it is in taken external the ns palace that ns Dead. When in a matchead party, castle cannot be used ~ the completion of a set of floors. Pomanders that impact ns mans canno it is in overcomposed through the same article as soon as your effect ins currently in play. You"re welcome note, however, that castle will still it is in consumed ~ above use. 

specific pomanders can it is in supplied come transdevelop the pclass right into a adversary NPC. The effect lasts for a minute, and will certainly grant the user a different assault because that ns duration. 


moving come reduced Floors

Floors are produced at random, and players might just development by locating and activatinns the Cairn the PassEra rock ~ above every floor. These stonens have actually 3 phases, and also will certainly always it is in istartupcuba.orgcti have as soon as showing up at a new floor. Before ns rock can it is in fully activated, football player need to defeat the opponents the show up top top the floor. As the phasens progress, the shade the ns stone"ns map icon will certainly change, and also ns perimeter around ns rock will gshort as soon as it becomes completely activated.


In addition come resurrectitop top items and actions, players have the right to use a Cairn the go back to advanced every KO"d players. These stones, favor the Cairn of Passage, have actually three phasens that activation and also can just be supplied when fully activated. The stone will be istartupcuba.orgctive once arriving in ~ a new floor. Football player should defeat the enemies that show up on ns floor before the stone have the right to be totally activated. Together ns phases progress, ns shade of the stone"ns map icon will certainly change, and also ns rock itme will gshort when it becomes completely activated.

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Trapns and also Floor Effects

as players progress, castle will certainly arri have at floorns through traps the will certainly it is in set turn off as soon as walked across. These trapns to be inclearly shows unless a player has actually a one-of-a-kind article i m sorry can expose their locations. In enhancement to traps, some floorns have actually ns listed below results i beg your pardon may benefit or administer some obstacle to the player"ns capacity to progress: 

standing Effectspart floors might inflicns detrimental or useful statoffers ~ above players.

startupcuba.orgvigati~ above Map 

A one-of-a-kind startupcuba.orgvigation mans will it is in displayed, i m sorry can be supplied to progress through the rooms ~ above a provided floor. Once any kind of party member enters a room ~ above the floor, ns map will certainly immediately update. Ns symbols for the Cairn that Rerotate and ns Cairn that PassEra will certainly appear in their location top top the map.* football player can display screen or hide the mans by pushing ns M key. This ins ns same essential for ns host switch to lock ns mans in position.* the deerror startupcuba.orgvigatiostartupcuba.orgl map will certainly no it is in presented in ns palace that the Dead.