final Fantasy XV A Rocky end Dons Tag location

~ friend complete ns final resting Plains side-quest because that Dave, if friend take a trip come Cauthess location outpost, friend deserve to pput ns last Fantasy XV A Rocky End side-quest.

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A Rocky End ins comparable to the previous side-quests girlfriend obtain native Dave. The only need come unlock it, ins to complete final relaxing Plains side quest.

when you carry out that, heADVERTISEMENT to Cauthess area outshort article wright here Dave will wait because that you in fronns that a building, across ns streens native the diner.

speak come him and also the will certainly send friend when again to find for a Dog Tag that belongs to a lacking hunter.

Objective: look because that the Dons Tag

If you pput this pursuit During ns day, you will just encounter level 12 Voretooths, therefore you will have the ability to finish this assignment faster.

ns area girlfriend have to revery ins west from Cauthesns remainder outpost, in ~ a crossroads. Drive there, park Regalia nearby, climate heAD to the large billplank and also pick up Beautiful party x 1 and also solid Whiskerns x 1.

Both of them to be top top ns ground, under ns billboard.

Now, move towards ns exclamation mark ~ above her mini map. As you technique friend will be ambushed by a load the Voretooths.

A Voretooth indigenous FFXV is a beastern weak come ice, shieldns and also lances. Use these weapons to take lock out, however continuous move During the fight in stimulate come protect against their Quick attacks.

learning exactly how come parry ins the key here.

multiple Vorethis Bristles to be plunder indigenous this creatures.

Objective: Retrieve ns Dog Tag

after ~ ns area is cleared, look at about for a large rock. If you walk approximately it you can uncover a number of Debased Coins.

the Dons Tans because that A Rocky End side-quest is likewise situated close to ns said rock together friend deserve to see in ns photo above.

If friend have actually difficulties finding this item, open up her map and also find ns south-west component of the blue circle.

simply go around ns absent and look at because that a yellow sparkling thing ~ above the ground. Pick it up to upday her objective.

Objective: provide ns Dog Tans to Dave

all you have to execute currently is come journey ago to Dave and also provide him the Dog Tans friend collected. In exchange, you will obtain ns rewards provided below.

once A Rocky End is completed, Dave relocates to Taelpar remainder area outpost, which is located south-wesns from her existing location. Right here you will certainly have the ability to play ns next quest in line, called Swenabled by Shadows.

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Since ns adversaries friend enrespond to During Swenabled by Shadows to be level 20, we recommfinish girlfriend to postpone this search and also folshort our directions below.

A Rocky end search Info

Description: “yet another hunter has fallen, and also Dave demands aid retrieving their dog tag. Noctis agreens come venture right into the wildernesns and also uncover ns tag for the benefits that ns bereaved family.”