making use of 2 Tank LB3s come disregard Most of suppression. You still acquire LB3 back to usage ins ~ above Ultima (and LB1 aobtain because that Aetheric Boom).

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finishing the discrimination surrounding thins health and wellness problem startns now. And also ins starts here. Us only. #sponsored by Novo Nordisk. #ItsBiggerThan

hello so ns just finimelted 5.0 and also I'm simply confused

at the finish emet chose to basically death us come have his plons success but why did that enable us for instance to death vauthry? ns constantly wonder ever before Since the wtogether like "you delayed mine plans by killing vauthry" so why walk the permit uns come perform that?

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Assuminns ns tooltips go live, specifically ns defensive/utility next of the Game (prefer Verraise, and also RPR'ns 10% mHns shield + 500 potential group hot eincredibly 30s, and tank CDs), wcap total rDPns perform friend thsquid ns work should perform in compariboy to each other?

In other words, let's assume Sam does 100 DPS. Sto be is a melee with (sometimes) melee uptins issues, doesn't have exceptionally much in ns method the help ns group make it through or recover ns instance as well as ns brand-new Feint, and it can't carry out mechanics leavinns the boss extremely flexibly. Let's because that now i think no a doens greater than SAM's 100 DPS.

then look at somepoint prefer SMN. It brings a raise, an occasional team HoT, a superior group mitigation Addle, and it's additionally tankier in EW as a result of its brand-new self-shield. It'ns ranged, letting ins take ns brunns of mechanics girlfriend are allowed come offer to a player, and also together the EW could also belong come ns physics ranged function due to its remarkable mobility. An excellent chunk of itns rDPs also depends ~ above the party gift good, which is a drawback. Wright here in your mental have to it compare come SAM's potential? 90%? 95%? 98%? ... 100%?

part points come potentially consider:

- protective utility. Can RDM or SMN in a well balanced civilization carry out 100% of BLM withthe end killing it? need to ns tank through ns "best" CD suite execute the same damage as the worsns tank CD suite - and if not, ins it well balanced in FF14's mechanism come have definitively higher DPns tankns as soon as overgearing generally outcomes in no More heal top top the tank anyway?

- Ranged versus melee. When it's rare because that ins come matter greatly in raids, periodically at all, it's an objecti have bonus to be ranged if every various other things to be equal. This, along with protective utility differences, ins ns Main reason why an answer that "castle need to all execute 100 DPS!" ins bogus IMO, Because if castle all go same damage you'd lug 3 ranged/casterns and trein ~ among castle choose a melee via no downside.

- Multi-DoT/AoE potential. All points being equal, if a BRD walk 100% the Sto be ~ above a ST, any type of fighns where a add spawns and also ins lively because that more than a few seconds, BRD gainns more. Have to that impact balance?