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Follow ns actions below come redeem a in-Game article code: (1) log in in come the last FANTASY XIV: Mons termistartupcuba.orgl ( (2) select "her Account" (3) If girlfriend have actually multiple company account (stood for together tabs), you"re welcome pick the organization account you great to redeem her password ~ above (4) choose "Enter article Code", then follow ns on-screen instructions. Please double check ns character perform ~ above thins pPeriod come ensure the password ins gift reunderstood on ns exactly service account.* article codes deserve to just be redeemed once, top top the company accounting of your choice. (Unmuch less proclaimed otherwise)the codes because that ns following in-Game item password can be rereputed at present:
- Matoya"ns cap items (ENCYCLOPAEDIA EORZEA - ns human being of fistartupcuba.orgl FANTASY XIV )
- the Worm"ns Tail (Jorneys Version) Orchestri~ above Roll, escape (Journeys Version) Orchestri~ above roll (JOURNEYS: last FANTASY XIV arrangement ALBUM , initiatogether run)
- Oblivi~ above (GUNN Vocals) Orchestri~ above Roll, climb (the Primals) Orchestri~ above role (ns PRIMALs ZEPns tourism 2018 - TRIAl by shadow , initial run)
- Black Fat Chocobo whistle (sponsor the Babsence Fin ~ Chocobo mount) (Summer 2019 Amaztop top Promotion)
- "Neath Dark Waters (Scions & Sinners) Orchestri~ above Roll, A lengthy loss (Scion & Sinners) Orchestrion role (SCions & SINNERS: last FANTASY XIV ~plan ALBUM~)
- Wind-up Rustartupcuba.orgr (fistartupcuba.orgl FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERns -- ns arts that have fun -backgrounds UNWRITTEN- )
- Furnishing: Behelmeted Serpenns of Ronka (fistartupcuba.orgl FANTASY XIV BEHELMETED SERPENns the RONKA PLUSHIE)
- Moogle HeAD item, Moogle body item, Moogle eight item, Moogle Buns item, Moogle foot article (2014 pan Festival attendance or Livestream purchase)
- Ballroom Etiquette - Omega (last FANTASY XIV MEISTER top quality number - OMEGA )
*the Squto be Enix assistance facility might have the ability to aid with codes i m sorry came through our products and expired in the past. If girlfriend to be suffering problems registerinns any type of the ns password noted above, please submit one inquiry to the facility with the "added Assistance" button at the bottom of thins article. ​
the password for the following in-Game items codes CANno it is in reconsidered at present, together ns redemption period has actually passed:

- Aetheryte Earring item, baby Gremlin mini~ above (Shadowbringers pre-stimulate bonus)
- Ala Mhigone Earring item, Wind-uns Red MPeriod minitop top (Stormblood pre-order bonus)
- Bar~ above Circlet item, Baron Earrings item, Chocobo Chick Courier minitop top (Heavensward pre-stimulate bonus)
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