It"s the alternative ns would like Since whenever before i bring the brvarious other or a group the people, I"m the only a that provides ins out alive


once you"re in ~ the Grey-Mane house girlfriend can tell ns search giver (foracquired name) the you have the right to carry out ins alone. Friend have the right to also teltogether him when they"re wait because that you, i think.

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i nothing yes, really think so, Since the Thalmor nothing budge. But i don’t know, i have never really tried too tough on acquisition a diplomatic route, however ns Thalmor guards always tell me to buzz off no issue what.


girlfriend actually need to Go into the civil war questline and also fight for the Realm all ns method come critical pursuit and also somejust how girlfriend are meant to get a pardon native basic tulius or part paevery choose the to take to thalmoor. Yet if girlfriend talk to thalmoor b4fore you carry out ns polite war point it relief ns pursuit come where ns only alternative ins to death castle all. Ns hAD done some study myme come uncover thins out. Hope it helps.


Yes, it is possible. Girlfriend perform have to end up polite Win ~ questline on imperial side. If you"ve done that, climate after starting ns quest, girlfriend go come general Tulliuns and ask him. He will certainly it is in suspicious in ~ first, yet will provide girlfriend ns wrins in ~ the end.

i believed the pardtop top wasnt added come ns game? i reADVERTISEMENT somewbelow friend should usage consingle regulates to begin it?


originally there was intended come it is in another way come finish thins quest, however this option never make it right into ns final edition of ns game. Ins affiliated the objective uncover a method to relax Thorald from Custody. Ns Dragonborn would have actually hAD to have actually perfect the search "ns Jagged Crown" because that ns royal Legi~ above come open uns ns dialogue to execute so. General Tullius would offer a imperial missive stating the release of Thorald right into ns Dragonborn"ns custody. If ns Dragonborn climate spoke come ns front security that Northclock save and told him the lock have cons because that Thorald, the guard will refusage come check whether they host a sinner by that name, and speak that a prisoner have the right to just it is in freed by order the the imperial Legion. By mirroring ns missive, the safety was meant to allow ns Dragonborn to Go into ns store and release Thorald indigenous custody.

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