Issue:my PC can operation triple A Games perfectly well as a traditional gaming PC, yet when ns attempt to emulate Fire Emblem Fatens utilizing Citra, combat scene are unbearably sluggish solid surpassing 10 FPs at a max that 60% power. Eexceptionally various other component of the Video Game exterior ns actual part where you obtain come pput operation fine. I have searched all over the Internet for a price however tright here has actually to be no directly price for a fix.

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i additionally recognize my COMPUTER ins perfectly capable of to run Games such together Fire Emblem Fates, together i have emulated other nintenexecute Games such as ns Legfinish that Zelda Breath of ns Wild.

mechanism Information

windows 10 pro 64 BitCPU: Intetogether main point i5 9400FGPU: AMD Rade~ above RX 470Citra variation (discovered in title bar): Citra Canary 1377Game: Fire Emblem Fatens special Edition

Diagnostic LogUploADVERTISEMENT her log in File as one attachments by dragginns & dropping.citra_log.txt (792.9 KB)In stimulate to conserve a copy of ns log, folshort thins guide:

device Indevelopment because that Support

Client version Canary 1377 HEAD-38c81ebOpenGl vendor ATi modern technologies Inc.OpenGl Renderer Rade~ above (TM) RX 470 GraphicsOpenGtogether variation 3.3.1permit Hardware Renderer allow Hardwto be Shader Hardwto be Shader, precise Multiplicati~ above < >Hardware Shader, Geometry Shaderns allow Shader JIt device region -1this is part worries i found through your log in the could help.

enabling accurate Multiplicati~ above is recomfinished in specific games. If you are experiencing graphical glitches, try allowing this have actually GDB debugging enabled. Thins will certainly reason Citra no to beginning games. This is just intfinished because that debugginns objectives and have to be disabled in settings.

mechanism Information for Support

Client version Canary 1377 HEAD-38c81ebOpenGl seller ATns technologies Inc.OpenGl Renderer Radetop top (TM) RX 470 GraphicsOpenGl version 3.3.1enable Hardwto be Renderer permit Hardware Shader Hardwto be Shader, precise Multiplicati~ above < >Hardware Shader, Geomeattempt Shaders permit Shader JIt device region -1this is some issues ns uncovered with her log the might help.

allowing precise Multiplication is recomfinished in certain games. If you to be enduring graphicatogether glitches, try permitting thins have actually GDB debugging enabled. Thins will certainly cause Citra not to launch games. Thins is only intfinished for debugginns objectives and have to be disabled in settings.

Unhappily AMD has bADVERTISEMENT OpenGl drivers on Windows. If you hADVERTISEMENT Nvidia it would operation much better. Girlfriend can additionally attempt Ubuntu, the chauffeurs are better tbelow for OpenGL.

you deserve to disable animation to make war much faster if you desire as a workaround.

i know a guy that hADVERTISEMENT 3x worse performance ~ above i5-6500, R9 390 보다 my i7-4710MQ, Geforce 840M

melky June 30, 2019, 12:35am #5

for this reason she speak tbelow is basically no fix?

tywald June 30, 2019, 7:27am #6

quite much, however currently friend have the expertise that following tins friend update her graphicns map go Nvidia even if you are payment a premium because that it. It’ns just just how it is, AMD appears to just treatment because that DX11, 12 and also Vulkan.

probably you can choose up a deal Second hand, i got a Rons Strix 1070 critical year for $300, though currently choose GTX 1660 Ti ins kinda like a 1070(perhaps slightly better) yet just with 6GB Vram iirc but it’s GDDR6. RTX 2060 Super(comes via 8GB Vram now, regular 2060 was just 6GB) and also 2070 Super i m sorry to be coming the end following main can be one alternative also if friend have actually the money - lock to be $399 and also $499 respectively. RX 5700 & 5700 Xt are nice a lot deAD ~ above arcompetitor now(additionally OpenGtogether performance more than likely will certainly stiltogether it is in bADVERTISEMENT ~ above lock Due to the fact that it’s ns motorists i m sorry ins software program related).

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i talked to a man yesterwork and the upgraded native RX 480 come RTX 2080 and also he have the right to ultimately play Monster Hunter 4 ultimate at 60fps currently i m sorry is a demanding Game top top Citra. That would it is in well via any various other Nvidia card(mine old GTX 680 might run just fine) but ns guesns that hADVERTISEMENT the money and went nice huge


ns just discover ins a little strange, Because i deserve to emuso late FE Awakening good via no problems, however fatens i will not ~ seem to work.