Recently, Nintenperform announced part even more details around ns newesns enattempt in ns Fire Emblem series. Ns Game is referred to as Fire Emblem 3 residences and will it is in released on July 26th 2019 for Nintencarry out Switch. Originally planned because that spring, the Video Game hAD to be postponed as a result of Further development time. Yet don’t be sad. Nintendo likewise announced a number of Collector’s Edition because that pan all over ns world.

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“Fire Emblem: 3 residences takens area ~ above Fódlan, wbelow ns Church of Seiros exercises excellent strength over the land and its people. Together the Key character, friend should not only fight top top the battlefield, however also can relocate her personality easily and also communicate through various other personalities to construct relationship and gatshe indevelopment at part parts.” (Nintendo)

Fire Emblem three residences limited Edition

the restricted execution of Fire Emblem three houses is exclusively accessible in Europe and contains in enhancement come ns Video Game the following content:

ArtbookSteelbookSound Selection USB stickthree dwellings pin badge set

ns restricted edition have the right to currently it is in pre-bespeak at Video Game UK* because that £79.99 GBP

Pre-bespeak in ~ Game UK*

Fire Emblem 3 residences periods the Warfare Edition

ns periods that War edition that Fire Emblem three houses is exclusive come ns phia bìc Amerideserve to industry and also includes ns following:

SteelbookSound Selection CD2020 CalendarArtbook

ns periods that Warfare execution is priced in ~ $99.99 USD and deserve to it is in pre-bespeak in ~ significant retailers together as Amazon*, BestBuy* and also Gamestop*. Of course only while stocks last.


Pre-order in ~ BestBuy* | Pre-order in ~ Gamestop US*

Fire Emblem three houses Fódla Collection

the Fódlan execution that Fire Emblem three houses ins exclusi have to Japan and comes with the adhering to content:

SteelbookSoundtrack CD (33 tracks)Artbook

the Fódlone arsenal is priced in ~ ¥9980 JPY (~$90 USD). Pre-orderns have the right to be inserted in ~ Nin-Nin-Video Game and also PlayAsia*.



Fódla collection

restricted edition


periods of War edition

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