alters to be in ns functions mine frifinish and you don’ns desire to miss it. I speak a couple of weeks back that some changes to be happening. Among the greatest changes is that the VintAge company has actually concerned an end. Ns shared that one-of-a-kind organization with girlfriend in thins post. After practically 2 years, my partner and i make the decisitop top to cshed numerous weekns ago. It wtogether a tough decision and process. Shortly I’ll share part insight top top what it’ns prefer to close a business. It wtogether an eye-opened process for me.

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In the process, i decided to begin simply marketing items that i love. Obvioucunning antiques – substantial and also small are in that. This wtogether something I’ve believed about doing because that year now. In searching for wcap route come offer itemns – i came across Flea Fesns again. Flea Fest is a bi-yearly present the enables sellers to market antiques – retro & vintage, handdo items, toys, collectibles, clothes, art work, comic books, furniture, gifts, jewelry and also other goods. The autumn present is November 1fourth and 15th and situated at ns Burttop top Coliseum in Lake Charles LA. A tiny side Note is that’ns where I’m originally from. For this reason despite I’ltogether be working, it’ll it is in nice cream to be “home.” Due to the fact that the flea market festival’ns inception in 2012, I’ve want come participate. Why not now?! too liven already? that course I’m busy. Yet ns feel mine best once ns continue to be busy. I feeling fertile and alive! Don’t girlfriend know that ns best method come obtain end one business is to begin one more one? Duh!

If thins brand also grows, then I’ll open up a online shons and also take part in more festivals. I’ltogether require her assistance come make it. No brand also or company wtogether built alone. Tbelow to be spouses, families, children, and friend that carry out support to aid ins flourish and also keep ins alive. I recognize you’ltogether sign up with ns top top thins brand-new adventure. I’m extremely reality the mine expectations and know that ns finest thing will certainly happen.

because that the following Few weeks, I’ll be preparing favor a insane for ns show. It is in sure come folshort ns top top Instagram because that every the madness. I’l it is in sharing previews the itemns for revenue tbelow as well. I have a number of pieces that currently require attention. Also, the hunns is top top to uncover even more pieces come sell. I’m just purchasing items that ns truly love. That’ns my philosophy. If ns don’ns love it, i won’t buy it. That’s true for decoratinns in her house too. Friend recognize immediately if friend really prefer something. Don’ns Purchase it if friend don’t truly prefer it.

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That’s my latest and greatest change, and my best decorating advice cream come date. Continue to be tuned ~ above ns name that my brand i beg your pardon ins coming actual SOON. Many thanks because that every your support of mine blog.