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"liquid Mechanics for chemistry Engineers, 3rd execution retains the attributes that make this introductory text a success in front editions. It is still a Publication that emphasize product and power balances and also maintains a useful orientatitop top throughout. No even more mathematics is contained 보다 ins required come understand also the concepts presented. To satisfy ns demands the today"ns market, the writer has actually contained many kind of problems Ideal because that Systems by computer. Two brand also brand-new chapters are included. The first, on mixing, augmentns ns book"ns coverPeriod that useful problems encountered in this field. Ns second, on computational liquid dynamics (CFD), reflects studentns ns connection between hand also and also computationatogether liquid dynamics." Publisher Summary. ReAD more...

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OCLC Number: 988942744 Reproduction Notes: digital reproduction. : Hathitrust Digitatogether Library, 2017. MiAaHDL Description: 1 online resource (xxiii, 632 pages) : illustrations Details: master and also usage copy. Digital master produced follow to Benchmark for Faithfutogether Digital Reproduction of Monographns and Serials, variation 1. Digitatogether Library Federation, December 2002. Contents: 1. Arrival --component I: Preliminaries --2. Fluid staticns --3. Ns balance equation and also ns mass balance --4. Ns initially law that thermodynamics --component II: Fshort the fluids the are one-dimensional, or that can it is in cure together if castle were --5. Bernoulli"s equati~ above --6. Liquid frictitop top in steady, one-dimensional flow --7. Ns inertia balance --8. One-dimensional, high-velocity gtogether flow --part III: part various other topics that deserve to it is in viewed through the techniques that one-dimensional liquid mechanics --9. Models, dimensional analysis, and dimensionmuch less numbers --10. Pumps, compressors, and turbines --11. Circulation with porous media --12. Gas-fluid circulation --13. Non-Newtonian liquid circulation in a pipens --14. Surchallenge pressures --component IV: two and also three-dimensional liquid mechanicns --15. Two- and also three-dimenionatogether liquid mechanics --16. Potentiatogether flow --17. The boundary class --18. Turbulence --19. Mix --20. Computationatogether fluid dynamicns (CFD) --Appendixes: --A. Tables, chartns the fluid properties, pipe dimensions and also flows, and high-velocity gas fshort --B. Derivation and also proofns --C. Equations for two- and three-dimensional liquid mechanicns --D. Answers come selected problems. Series Title: McGraw-Hiltogether chemical engineering series.

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Emphasizes material and energy balances and maintainns a helpful orientation throughout. In thins title, no even more mathematics is included 보다 is required to understand also ns concepts presented. It contains many kind of difficulties Appropriate because that Equipment by computer. ReADVERTISEMENT more...