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Pautogether McCartney’s Band on ns operation in 1974. ns album has to be revered as one of McCartney’ns Many important pieces the work-related in hins solo career. Ns title-track winner “finest Pop Vocal power through a Duo, group or Chorus,” at ns 17th yearly Grammy Awards. “Band ~ above the Run,” went #1 top top the Billboard optimal 100 and also offered over a million copies. The Song has to be extended many times however nopoint has compared.

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In 2010, the Foo battle aircraft determined to offer ins a shot. The band was invite to perform in ~ the White residence for a Paul McCartney tribute. the brother musician wtogether being awarded the Library that conference GershSuccess prize for well-known Song. Frontguy Dave Grohl never disappoints. Even if you’re no a fan the Foo fighters music, it’ns tough to not commfinish Grohl for constantly being a charismatic good guy.


before ns band’s performance of “Band ~ above ns Run,” Dave Grohtogether turns come the guest of hono one and former president Barack Obama and also says,

“Paul, you’re certainly mine hero,” climate rotate come president Obmaybe and added, “Mr. President…you mine other hero.”

course act, the guy! the Foo fighters hAD also videotaped a studio variation of ns Song but it’s tough come beat the interpersonal exchanges of the White home show. An additional noteworthy guesns in the audience wtogether Stevin other words Wonder. Girlfriend have the right to Record the crowd watching Stevin other words jto be the end to ns Foo Fighters’ take top top “Band also on the Run.” It’ns simply the fun!


inspect out ns star-studded present and also all the happy exchanges in ns full video! ns heavier riffs, sanns synthesizers, sanns trumpets, sans the killer clap native the Original “Band top top ns Run,” to be not totally to let go via Grohl’s energy. This variation will remind friend that exactly how genius McCartney’ns music is. The complace of his songs to be therefore fine plan and Put together- their flexibility is endless.

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