may 4 isn’ns simply ns day that Star battles “might the Fourth it is in through you” memes overwhelming her newsfeed—it’ns additionally Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. Ns actress would have actually rotate 87 today. Hepburn passed away in ~ the Age of 63, however together humanitarian, a rarely Eacquired winside and a loving mother, she was always wise past she years. Right here are Several of ours favourite Estimates indigenous the fashion icon.

“for beautifutogether eyes, watch because that the great in others; for beautiful lips, soptimal only wordns that kindness; and also because that poise, to walk through the knowledge that girlfriend are never before alone.”

“A high quality education has the power come transdevelop societies in a single generation; provide children through ns security lock require native ns dangers that poverty, labor exploitatitop top and disease; and provide lock the knowledge, skills and also trust come revery your complete potential.”

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“Remember, if you ever before require a helping hand, it’ns at ns end that your arm. Together friend get older, remember girlfriend have actually one more hand: the first is come help yourself, ns Second ins to aid others.”

“People, also more 보다 things, have to it is in restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never before thheat the end anyone.”

“ns finest point come organize oncome in life ins each other.”

“Nothing ins impossible; Words itself claims ‘I’m possible!’”

“ns Many important point ins come enHappiness your life. Come it is in happy. It’s all the matters.”

“Tbelow ins more to sex appeatogether 보다 simply measurements.”

“ns think in being strong once whatever appears come be goinns wrong.”

“Tright here to be specific shadens that limelight the deserve to destructive a girl’ns complexion.”

“Paris is constantly a good idea.”

“castle say love ins the ideal investment; ns more friend give, the even more friend get in return.”