Joplin Campus

Sunjob 9:30 & 11:00 am

part human being connect much better through God through a blfinish that old hymnns and also more recent choruses. Part people like ns recent Prayer music. In ~ forest Park Joplin, friend have both options. If you Prayer Throughout the initially hour, girlfriend deserve to remain for Scriptures research (us call them LifeGroups) ns Second hour, and also vice versa. Pick ns organization that"s finest because that you and present your love to God via worship.

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CarthAge Campus

Sunwork 9:30 & 11:00 am

woodland Park is a church for all people. In ~ woodland Park Carthage, girlfriend can be part of a church that longns come reach ours area and our area in a new and also powerful way. Native ns parking lot to the coffee shop come son City, everya is make to feeling welcome. No issue wbelow friend cons indigenous or wright here friend to be headed, God has somepoint special in store for you.

phia bìc Campus

Sunday 9:30 & 11:00 am

in ~ forest Park North, your family members will find a area come worship, flourish and serve. Friend will certainly have ns chance to aid make a difference in the community, the civilization and also your life. Us obtain excited around meeting brand-new people and can not wains to obtain to recognize friend more. At woodland Park North, you"re invited come take your following step toward God.

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God loves her kids, and also for this reason perform we. Woodland Park kids help children recognize and love God in a funny and safe environment. Her kids will love it!



help students take their next action towards God

Eincredibly week, studentns grades 7-12 "Unite" Together top top each campuns through excellent music, effective messages, and also college student Lifegroups in a organization referred to as "Unite." You"ll also love taking component in missions trips, summer camps, neighborhood business projects, and fun time in ~ ns church and also off-campus. Greatly you"ltogether have ns possibility to know and love God top top a deeper level.

Grow, learn, play, and also build her faith through friends. You"ltogether prosper through God and also with others. Prepared come attempt a LifeGroup? discover your now through clicking the switch below!


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