ns 4th mainly of Fortnite Seakid 7 has actually begun. With the new main come a every new cheat sheet. The season 7 mainly 4 cwarm paper is an easy guide to help you complete all of her main 4 challenges. Through making use of ns cwarmth sheet to finish her challenges friend will unlock fight stars the can it is in offered to rank uns your battle happen and unlock cool brand-new skins, emotens and more.

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the seakid 7 mainly 4 cwarmth sheet ins broken down into two categories: totally free and also paid. Ns free difficulties are for players that have actually no purchase a seaboy 7 fight pass, the passist are because that twater tap who have. By perfect ns free challenges friend will certainly unlock a complete that 20 battle pass stars. Football player who finish the paid fight pass week 4 challenges will unlock an additional 30 battle happen stars. If friend complete the difficulties because that ns totally free and paid fight happen girlfriend will certainly unlock a full the 50 battle pass stars. Ns complimentary and also paid fight happen challenges are straightforward using the week 4 cwarm paper below.

If girlfriend have actually missed previouns seakid 7 cwarm sheetns take a watch at our pEra containing eexceptionally seakid 7 cheat sheet.

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Seakid 7 mainly 4 Cwarmth Sheet

Fortnite Seachild 7 main 4 Cwarm sheet Map

Fortnite Seachild 7 mainly 4 Challenges

complimentary fight pass Challenges

use one X-4 Stormwinns airplane in various Matchens (5 matches) (Reward: 5 fight pass stars)launch fireworks (3 fireworks) (Reward: 5 battle happen stars)eliminate opponents in ~ expedition outposts (3 opponents) (Reward: 10 fight happen stars) (HARD)

Phelp fight pass Challenges

ruin Itemns (3 various item types) (Reward: 5 battle pass stars)Chairsutility Poleswooden Palettestransaction damages through a pickaxe to adversaries (100 damage) (Reward: 5 fight pass stars)gain elimicountries in ~ happy hamlens or pleasant park (3 eliminations) (Reward: 10 fight happen stars) (HARD)find because that ns letters “N O M S” (4 letters) (Reward: 10 battle happen stars) (HARD)the O ins Wesns that pleasant Parkthe s ins in ~ Wailinns Woodsthe M is in ~ Dusty Divotthe N is under ns Frozen LakeVisins ns NOMns sign in sleeve Row
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