I"ll admit: this wasn"ns ns Fortbyte ns meant today. Ns was assuminns the us to be going come obtain the "found in loading display screen #3" droppinns alongsideFortnite"sweek 4 challenges, however that a isn"t obtainable however because that part reason. Instead, we"ve gained two newFortbytes today: a simply asks girlfriend come complete six week 3 challenges, i m sorry girlfriend have the right to figure out with the help the a handy guide. Ns other a ins a little silly, in trueFortnitefashion. It"s not completely clear wbelow you"re goinns past the biome, therefore reAD ~ above for a map, overview and location because that Fortbyte #16 "found in a deserns home through as well many kind of chairs".

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There to be two significant options for where we"re going to uncover houses down in the deserns biome: sky Palmns and also ns pueblo area. We"ltogether it is in heading to the 2nd one, a unnamed point the interemainder yet still a nice recognizmay be location with plenty the loot. Here"s wright here you"re going:

the residence you"re in search of ins a reddish/violet building along the southerly edge the ns village. The most basic means to acquire to ins ins to simply operation alengthy the southern that the entirety area and look at for this air conditioning unit on ns wall:

Apparently, "too many kind of chairs" in thins instance refers to all the armchairs the are blocking ns doorways: the inside has from wcap ns have the right to tell, a reasonmay be number of chairs. The easiest way come acquire to the Fortbyte ins come simply bust open the Wall surface and waltz on in. Here"ns what ins looks like:

operation in and also choose ins up: no special costuns required. These are acquiring a tiny more fun: straightfront ones prefer "uncovered in Haunted Hills" still call for a tiny little of looking, yet ns choose it once they"ve obtained a tiny even more of that wackyFortnite smell to them. TheFortnite map has actually a lot of suppressed narrative goinns on, not unchoose the Fallthe end series. Why walk castle Placed the chair there? that were castle maintaining out? difficult to say, but ins lookns choose castle to be protectinns a Fortbyte. Check ago for even more the these things as they"re made available.

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