freedom Ordnance ins a veteran own and operated Amerideserve to agency dedicated to providing you, ns responsible patriot, via weapons upqualities to improve the performance of her gear. Castle will certainly constantly strive to provide girlfriend our finest in quality, service, and also assistance for this reason friend can freely exercise your God offered ideal to save and be affected by each other arms. “Shall no it is in infringed” is ns main point beliefin ~ ns hearts the their mission and also something they live by daily.

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Model: FX9P4

UPC: 856169007066

Billet Receiverns are 1″ short than standard AR15upper and also lower receiverns are billet machined aluminum AlloyAlloy Mil-spec Anodized Finishuses Regular Glock Format magsThreaded 1/2 x 28NEW- 3.5″ freedom M-Lok complimentary float handguard4.5″ Barrel, nitride 4150 Chromoly steel, 1:10 twist (1/2″x28 t.p.i.)KAK Shocktide blade Stabilizercompletely warm Treated/Nitjourney Finish:amplified bolt, ejector, critical round bolns host open, feeding ramp, extractor and also charging manage latchnew Handspeak (design especially for the FX-9)AR15 Configured last round Bolns organize OpenAR15 Configured safety SelectorAR15 Configured magazine ReleaseCompatible with 9mm apverified 1/2″x28 T.P.I. Muzzle devices and also suppressorsbrand-new Anti go PinsAction: BlowbackLength: 18.5″Weight: 4.45lbsAccepts Many AR15 Accessoriescome through 1 x 31-round Magazine

If girlfriend to be in search of a ton of fun in a small package, ns freedom Ordnance FX pistotogether seriens might it is in the option for you. Ns 4" barrel is super compact and reliably feedns ns 9mm round via Glock Style mags. In addition to gift trusted and also affordable, the FX-9 was design to it is in completely modular. Outfins it with any type of freedom Ordnance barretogether length and customize it through a practically Unlimited amountain the AR-15 accessories.ns FX-9 is machined indigenous billet material, anodized kind IIns aluminum components. Stole Contents are complete tough nitdrive and nickle boron nitrided consisting of the barrel, bolt, ejector, last round host open, feed ramp and extrgibbs because that extended stay properties and corrosi~ above resistance. Limited life time warranty native freedom Ordnance.

Optic no included

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please NOTE:If girlfriend li have in a newspaper minimal state we rerelocate ns hi-capmagand will it is in glADVERTISEMENT come substitute with a 10-roundmagIF AVAILABLE.If a 10-roundmagis no obtainable we will certainly rerelocate the hi-cap magazine indigenous ns canno shipprohibitedmagazines come the end that state addresses.There will it is in no substitution or discounts available for removal ofmags.

It is your responsibility come it is in acquainted via your existing regional pistol lawsbefore placing your order. Please feeling cost-free to email us through inquiries girlfriend mayhave.

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