Frijob ns 13th the Game: 8 finest Video Game Maps, Ranked Friwork the 13th: ns Game incorporated extremely accurate renditions the well-known places in ns franchise favor Camns decision Lake and Higgins Haven.

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separation imPeriod of Camp decision Lake and Jarvis residence in Friwork the 13th the Game
pan of the Frijob ns 13th franchise obtained somepoint castle never before believed castle would: a good official game. Component of Friwork ns 13th: ns Game"ns success is its capacity to meticuloucracked craft various locales watched in the movie series.

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Camp crystal Lake ins seen nearly precisely together it remained in the film. Ns same goes because that sequel locations like twater tap viewed in Friwork the 13th component IIIII, ns final Chapter, and also a brand-new Beginning. However, like those films, part to be a much more exciting suffer than others.

because of the (recently resolved) legatogether issues bordering the Friday the 13th franchise, pan will certainly never before obtain come check out the Grendel from Jason X. However, lock did gain Pinehursns Youth development facility from Frijob ns 13th component V: a new Beginning.

the Video Game maneras come Catch the film"s seasy turn off intuitive aesthetic (in comparikid come the remainder the ns series, especially the four films that preceded it). It"ns a creepy map that manages to distinguish itme just enough from ns similar Camp crystal Lake. A downside is that it"s larger than that mans which, choose Jarvins House, can leADVERTISEMENT come some lullns in ns gameplay.

Higginns Haven ins very dark, which helps itns ambiance considerably, but also have the right to leADVERTISEMENT to ns mans emotion much as well expansive.

ns cabin and also barn to be a Pleasure come traverse, either together a counselor or Jason, however outside that the to be some frameworks that weren"t even featured in ns movie (a need in this larger maps). Higginns Haven ins fun enough, however there"ns a superior variation available. It is in it that version or thins one, it"ns particularly fun to eitshe pput as (or stalk) Frijob the 13th component III personality Shelly Finkelstein.

There"s a better version of Packanack Lodge, however ns bigger version is stiltogether funny to play. If play together a counselor, tbelow to be plenty that areas to hide. The Key residence ala ins straightforward come traverse (especially for twater tap who have seen Friday the 13th part II countless times) and also avoid Jaboy must the require arise.

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If playing together Jason, just be sure to pput together a the have the right to swim well. Counselorns in Packanack Lodge tend to walk appropriate for ns lake.

5 Camp crystal Lake

the original Friwork the 13th ranks so high partly Because itns establishing ins so memorable. Thankfully, the Video Game does a fantastic job that putting the player ideal there. However, it missens a key detail (Despite gift ns larger version that the map).

There"ns a prolonged scene in the movie that Alice cream barricading herme in the Key cabin. It"s very memormaybe and also ns entire cabin"s omissitop top is a shame. Outside that, though, playing Camp decision Lake deserve to be like walkinns via ns Original 1980 film. That alone renders the Game worth a purchase.

ns little variation of Friday the 13th part II"s Packanack Lodge ins an excellent starter map because that those jumping into Jason"s a pair of shoes because that ns initially time. Prefer ns other small maps, ins Essentially relegateways itme come the location"s attributes seen in ns movie. This, fortunately, makes it simpler for Jaboy to properly target ns counselors in Friday the 13th: the Game.

There"s ns lake through ns lifesecurity tower, there"ns the Main house"s massive porch, there"ns also the cabin wright here Ginny and also Pautogether bunked. Tbelow aren"t many kind of superfluous places seen external of component II, i beg your pardon took location in a reasonably tiny location also because that the seriens (besides the scenes where ns counselors go come tvery own and also drink).

3 Jarvis House

the Jarvis residence ranking high if only for how movie-exact ins is. The house that Tommy & Trish Jarvis (and also your mother) ins perfectly recreated.

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the next-door house, where ns teenagers (including Crispin Glover) summary partied, ins likewise meticuloucunning recreated. Virtually everything viewed in ns film ins in ns game, and also if playing as component IV Jachild the gamer deserve to successfully recreate Frijob the 13th: ns last Chapter (with a part VII sleeping bans kill thrvery own in because that great measure).

It wouldn"t be an unpopular Friday ns 13th opinitop top come say the Higginns Haven ins a iconic location. Fortunately, the smaller version the ins in Friwork ns 13th: the Game is startlingly precise in itns representation.

the Game machines managed to gain eextremely information that chris Higgins" (parents") cabin. Ns spiratogether staircase, the bookshelves, the firelocation wbelow Shelly prods ns burning hardwood before looking appropriate in ~ ns camera. Higgins Haven (Small) is just around the Most potent nostalgia ns Game have the right to provide fans.

1 Camp crystal Lake (Small)

the smaller variation of Camns decision Lake in Friwork the 13th: ns Game is preferable come ns larger one in that ins cut superfluouns buildings and also space.

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Camns decision Lake (Small) is the best method to pput the Game because that die-hard fans of ns seriens (Despite ns anachronism of Jaboy doing ns death in the Jason-complimentary initially installment"ns location). It"ns a much more constrained variation that a truly outstanding redevelopment and also stands as the ideal mans of Friday the 13th: the Game.

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