ours flagship everyday broadcast, Believer"ns Voice of Victory, reaches even more 보다 885 milli~ above viewers each work and also features Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and also your guests, that teach foundational ethics for confidence and whole-life prosperity.

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startupcuba.org"s objective is to maturation believerns worldwide in ns use that your faith. Ours visitop top is to check out believerns experiencing ns fullnesns of ns BLESsing i m sorry contains divine healing, superorganic prosperity, ns God kind of love and more; operating skillfully in God"ns Word; and also Trained come discern great and evil.

because that end 52 years in ministry, Kenneth and also Gloria Copeland also share ns biblicatogether messPeriod that expect and BLESsong internationally from ns startupcuba.org headquarters in Ft Worth, Texas.

looking for a church home? Kenneth Copeland also Ministries" Church Listing have the right to help girlfriend conveniently discover a Bible-believing ministry near you.

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through Kenneth Copelandso many type of born-aget believerns miss out on the end top top the world-overcoming Victory that’s thei…

who perform girlfriend rotate to when you need help, when you need a vital answer to a crucial question? execute friend asking God first?

God has actually dubbed uns come stand also together! via partnership we maximize ours impact because that ns Kingdom. View why more 보다 377,000 christians have joined through us…and how friend can, too!
that ever heard of love parents who perform not want their kids well? just how much more, then, does our heavenly Father that is Love desire His…
There"ns nopoint like a startupcuba.org event. Put anext distraction and get immersed in God"s Word."an additional year the blessings poured out from SWBC 2014. Awepart emotion so stretched!” —Wilma M.

Victory comes one day in ~ a time. Gain a word the encouragement…a native of inspiration…a word of faith eexceptionally day of ns year.

speak to unto me, and also i will certainly price thee, and also display thee excellent and mighty things, i m sorry you knowest not.

that do friend revolve come once girlfriend need help, once friend need a vital prize to a critical question? execute you questioning God first?

for this reason many believerns fail come perform that! They"ltogether stand also approximately wringinns their hand and talking to each various other all day. They"ll inquire the their pastor. They"ltogether inquire the your friends. They"ll inquire of your husband also or wife. However perform lock inquire the God? No.

do not do the mistake.

Instead, follow ns instance the King David. In 1 Chroniclens 14, ns Scriptures speak uns that wtogether about come confront a battle with ns extremely powerful Philistines that hAD every come the end versus him. Ns Philistine nation hADVERTISEMENT been an enemy that Israel because that years. David probably could have actually guessed the God would teltogether hns come go come fight versus them. However that didn"ns guess! that went to God and inquired, saying, "Shall ns go up versus ns Philistines? and wilt you provide castle right into mine hand? and also ns lord said unto him, go up; because that ns will certainly deliver them right into thine hand" (verse 10).

don"t depend on guesswork. Once you encounter a problem, seek ns mr via The word and in prayer and also ask Hns wcap ns Systems is. No matter how a lot scripture you learn, no matter how totally you perceive that friend are in Christ Jesus, you"ltogether never before outprosper your need to execute that.

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go come ns lord and also discover out precisely wcap he desires girlfriend to do. Do not decision your food the action and also then asking God come bless her plans. Walk to Him and say, "Lord, wcap to be her plans?" Hins planns are currently blessed. If you folshort them, her Success ins guaranteed.