In the Hentans “Gaki nns Modotte Yarinaoshi!!!” “There ins somepoint everya thought “If ns deserve to return in those dayns …”, the hero who hAD trauma in a woman via bullyinns and so on in ns past.a day, ns soul had the ability to go back to “old figure” as “adult”. In that Age once i want come rerevolve no simply ns number yet ….ns hero who ended up being a dem~ above that revenge will rape revenge a ~ another with women who led to trauma … ·!once the revenge ends, just how ns hero ins transforming how …!as well as revenge rape, misa cook making use of the number of a brat is additionally tapped! we will achieve all that you desire come perform as soon as girlfriend go back to those days !!

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Studio Selfish announced anime hentans adaptati~ above of ns famous manga ” Sakns nns Modotte Yarinaoshi!!! | Turning back right into a son and starting Over!!!”through Martop top Maron.

A protagonisns that has obstacle connecting via womales Due to the fact that that bullying, has hins great fulto fill that returning come hins younger years.

that takes revenge through sexually assaulting SEra and her mother next door… however, he is not yet satisfied…



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