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Foracquire every little thing you know around ns Legend that Zelda games. Step right into a civilization that discovery, exploration, and adventure in the Legfinish the Zelda: Breath that the Wild, a boundary-breaking new Game in the acdeclared series. Travel across large fields, with forests, and come hill peaks as girlfriend discover what has actually come to be that the kingdom of Hydominion In this stunninns Open-wait Adventure. Now on Nintendo Switch, her journey ins freer and more open than ever. Take it your mechanism anywhere, and also adendeavor as link any means friend like.
the LEGend that ZELDA: BREATH of the WILDa brand-new Age Dawnns on Zeldaby Kyle HilliardConcept:

take it ns Zelda collection in one impressive brand-new open directi~ above the exhas a tendency past its Classic formula


Breath that ns Wild lacks ns realism of itns open-world competition, however phenomenal arts directi~ above results in impressive visuals


the piano-concentrated score have the right to it is in subtle, however is absolutely stirrinns when it requirements to be. The ambienns sound results of nature expertly sell ns regularly lonely, organic world


connect controls flawlescunning top top the new move controller, flying, climbing, and also fightinns via ease. Don"t be fear off by ns motion controls; i desired them for aiming arrows and also various other tasks


Breath that the Wild ins a fein ~ of architecture and polish. Hyrule feels choose a genuine place, and ns journey link and also Zelda underrequire to loss Ganon ins compelling


center high

the Initial Legfinish of Zelda ~ above NEns introduced ns principle the an open fantasy world, yet together ns seriens progressed, it veered towards guiding players through a linear sequence of engaging puzzle and also combat scenarios. Ns series has actually recheck the formula in current entries, however Breath that ns Wild marks the Most dramatic departure come date. Friend have every items friend should fix eincredibly puzzle before girlfriend reach ns initially dungeon. Swords break, and also girlfriend exadjust them often. Girlfriend do not have to complete the dungeons to loss Ganon. This is no the Zelda we"re familiar with, however mine hesitation around deviatinns native a prstove recipe were cast anext the minute i wtogether reduce right into the new, open Hyrule.

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Breath that the Wild"ns version the Hydominion ins repetitively compelling and full the exploration and also reward. Ns sections of ns world to be thoughtcompletely designed, each a critical component that the larger whole. Eextremely trail ns took, also ns ones off ns bconsumed path, resulted in exciting discoveries prefer covert puzzles, brand-new weapons, and also strange architecture. Link"s map ins empty in ~ the start, expected come be to fill through icons as friend decision i m sorry activities come pursue, and i evaluate that ins allows ns define what ins important.

players to be accustomed to navigatinns open up worlds, however Link"s capacity to climb leader to unmatched level that exploratory freedom. If girlfriend watch somepoint in the distance, friend can to walk or fly straight to it, regardless the what"s in her path. Link never demands come circumnavigate. Eextremely surface in Hyrule ins an opportunity to Additional your adventure. Gigantic statues friend can think to be set-dressong to be offered together platdevelops come kick-start a flight. Mountains Usually supplied come develop barriers are climbing challenges; her reward because that these testns the endurance might be a brand-new item, yet even simply a brand-new see that Hydominance have the right to it is in equallied valuable. I never before worn down that climbinns towards ns skies, looking out right into ns world, and see all it hAD to market in detail.

Breath the ns Wild is even more than simply a world the beautifutogether scenery. It"ns complete the puzzle shrines, dungeons, and also surprises. Ns Key dungeonns are smaller 보다 twater tap in previouns Zeldas, but advantage from ns compacns style by never before overstaying your welcome. Attach takens regulate of every the ns dungeons, rotating castle to settle puzzles, or manipulating your huge Materials come open up brand-new paths. Defeating their complex bosses supplies worthif rewards the affect facetns that exploration and combat in interesting ways, prefer the ability to perdevelop an extra powerful attack in time of need. Any type of disappointment the may have actually resulted indigenous the Main dungeonns gift smaller sized affairns ins cleanly waburned amethod many thanks to the myriAD shrines.

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discover ns wilds that Hypreeminence any type of method you like--anytime, anywhere! - rise up towerns and also mountain peaks in search of new destinations, climate set her own route to acquire tright here and plunge right into the wilderness. Alengthy ns way, you"ll battle towering enemies, hunns wild beastns and gather ingredient because that ns food and also elixirs you"ltogether make to sustain you on her journey. Via Nintenperform Switch, friend have the right to literally take it her trip anywhere.

even more than 100 Shrines of Trialns to uncover and explore - Shrines period ns landscape, waiting come be found in any kind of order girlfriend want. Find for lock in various ways, and also deal with a selection the puzzles inside. The jobs friend need to perdevelop in every Shrine varies, and also you"ll never expect the challenges you"ltogether face until girlfriend enter. Some will show off realistic physics, and part will certainly require friend come exploit the power the nature, including electricity, wind, fire, and also more. Work her method via the traps and also gadgets inside, using her runens and also think outside the box to knife special itemns and also other rewardns that will help friend ~ above your adventure.

it is in all set and appropriately equipped - through a whole civilization wait come it is in explored, you"ll need a variety that outfits and also gear to revery every corner. You may must bundle uns with warmer clothing or readjust into somepoint better suited come the deserns heat. Part clothes also has unique effects that, because that example, have the right to do friend quicker or stealthier.

Battlinns opponents needs strategy - ns civilization is occupied with adversaries that all shapes and sizes. Each one has its own strike method and also weaponry, so girlfriend must thoctopus quickly and also construct the best tactics to defeat them.

amiibo compatibility - Compatible amiibo* include ns wolf connect amiibo figure, figures from the Legfinish the Zelda 30th Anniversary amiibo series, and figures from the Legfinish of Zelda: Breath of ns Wild amiibo series. There are compatible figures and also cardns native other amiibo series favor Super quit Bros., Super Mario, Splatotop top and also pet Crossing as well! each a will sell link in-Video Game items that may just come in handy.

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*amiibo offered separately. Visit because that detailns on amiibo functionality.