us likewise talk to the Memphis-born rapevery about the Initial track"s impact, the current state of hip-hop because that women, and ns Dolls" flows.

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In ns summer that 1998, Gangsta Boo to reduce "Wright here Dem Dolras At," the leADVERTISEMENT single indigenous her then-upcoming debut album Enquirinns Minds. As ns initially and also only ever before female member that three 6 Mafia, the Song offered ns Memphis-born rapevery some well-deserved bright under the spotlight and spent six weekns top top Billboard"s hot R&B/Hip-Hons song but, more importantly, ended up being a agemuch less anlock because that women. More than an ode come acquiring paid, ins motivated castle to look for freedom and higher standards.

come celebrate its two years in your rap rotation, Gangsta Boo (born Lola Mitchell) has actually endetailed newcomers Asian Doll and Cuban Doltogether for its remix, and startupcuba.orns has obtained ns EXCLUSive premiere! (hear below). us additionally speak to Gangsta about the Initial track"ns impact, how she mens the remix"ns featured guests, and ns present state that hip-hop for women.

It"s been practically 20 years Because you to reduce "Wbelow Dem Dollas At?," what carry out girlfriend thoctopus contributes to the song"ns timelessness? i think that the people lastly captured as much as mine flow. Friend deserve to hear ins in nearly eincredibly brand-new artist that this generation, particularly in ns females. Plus, who don"t great recognize "where dem dolras at"!?

What execute friend psychic about its affect and also reactivity ago in "98? ns wtogether 18 year old once we shot ns video in new York via kris Robinson. Ns was therefore happy, life ins up! ns brand was pumped to have actually a hins singles and also i hAD everya asking, "Wright here Dem Dollas At." It was a great time! i still gain hooked to now turn off that song. I feeling favor Marvin Gaye. One of ns greats, ya know?

Wcap new energy doens ns remix bring? In what means walk girlfriend readjust it? the remix bring ns exact same energy it hAD earlier in 1998. I replaced ns males on the Song through women. Ins wtogether DJ Pautogether and Juicy J. Now it ins Oriental Doll and also Cuban Doll. My brother Beatkinns added "Tela" sho nuff in the beat and also reversed part 808s and kickns and added part 2018 hi-hats. He speak me right into doing ins Because everya ins remix three 6 Mafia material. Ns should remix my very own shit!

how go girlfriend decision who you were goinns come Put ~ above the remix? What vibe walk every Doltogether lug come ns remix? ns kbrand-new ns wanted somea younger and fresher. I hADVERTISEMENT simply walk a collAbdominal with Cuhalf Doltogether because that among she songs ("W.A.B. "). I mens she and also chosen she a lot. She"ns therefore quite and also cool. Ns been see Oriental carry out her thing online. Ns Facetime she from Cuban"s phone and sthat was so stoked to talk to me and also called me exactly how a lot i influenced her. The alone make ns instantly want come job-related via her, as well. Lock both walk good top top ns song. Eastern is even more aggressi have through her distribution while Cuhalf ins more laidearlier like a Mack! Hella cute.

What various other women artist are friend Right now listeninns to? tropical Pussy and also Gangsta Boo.

just how has actually the rans Game adjusted because that woguys Because "98? Wcap to be the differences, if any? Ins is even more open for any kind of female the any race, age, and also background to hons in and begin a rap job from scratch. Ago then, girlfriend hADVERTISEMENT come yes, really be saying some shit come stand also the end and also make her mark come be Put on. Now, anybody can gain on.

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What are your opinion about ns ax "femasculine rap"? and your opini~ above around beefns within it? "Female rap" ins alive and well! the is mine opinitop top top top that. I don"t pay attention come petty, catty, bitchy beefs. Girls, go it is in girls. Women, go be women. I"ma it is in at the bank if castle doing all of that shit, mindinns mine very own business.