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By 360player6595
COns Tans Locations- guide by 360player6595

Findinns COns Tags- If you view a crimchild omen then tright here is a COg tag nearby. Ins ins ns Gear of battle symbol.Act 1- chapter 1- 14 Year after ~ E-DayCOg Tag 1- together soon together you leave the jail cell at ns start walk come ns earlier of the room to discover COg tag 1.COns Tans 2- In ns room where ns Locusns cut the door, walk to the back that ns room and watch roughly come ns appropriate come discover COns tans 2.COg Tans 3- In ns courtgarden right after the room where the locust experienced ns door. Walk come the lefns and uns the stairs then come ns left because that COg Tag 3.Acns 1 thing 2- Triatogether through FireCOns Tag 4- In the initially area wbelow girlfriend fighns enemies (not ns one wbelow the helicopter kills them, the doesn'ns count) It ins behind the Further together shaped Wall the creates and open up square. Her squADVERTISEMENT pointns this a out and thins is ns only time. Press Y as soon as the symbol appears.COns Tag 5- In the building via ns 2 appearance holes, go past the 2nd

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emergence feet and also watch close to ns home window because that COns tag 5. Half method to success 1.Acns 1 thing 3- Fish in a BarrelCOg Tans 6- In the location through 4 appearance holes and also a large statue, upon enterinns ins walk previous ns frosting come ns lefns and also continue goinns directly because that COns tag 6.Act 1 chapter 4- Fork in the RoadNO COns TAGs HEreact 1 thing 5- hit KnockCOg Tans 7- once you go outside, walk to ns left to check out a huge hole in the ground. Go along the edge Due to the fact that COns tag 7 is next to it around to loss right into ns feet (however ins won't it ins simply cshed come the leaf is all.)Act 1 thing 6- HammerCOns Tag 8- as shortly as girlfriend Go into the long hallway with a feet come ns right, rotate left and also to walk down it and look at to the ideal because that COg tag 8.COns Tag 9- In the room where Rojas ins dead, ~ above enterinns ins revolve ideal and look behind ns Column for COns tag 9, one more till ns achievement.Acns 1 chapter 7- WrathNO COns TAGSAcns 1 thing 8- China ShopCOns Tans 10- rotate approximately and also go come ns room wright here ns Carmine prefer soldier was killed. Watch in the debrins and also fire because that COg Tag 10ACHIEVMENns UNLOCKEDCOns Tans 11- In the 3rd room via the breakable door, if standing in ~ ns door and also dealing with ameans indigenous it, look right for COg Tag 11.COns Tans 12- In ns courtgarden via the berserker, rotate lefns and look in ~ the 5 block closesns to the wall. Look behind the 4th block which is top top ns Wall surface because that COg Tans 12.ACns 2Acns 2 thing 1- tick tick BoomCOns Tag 13- just prior to girlfriend leave ns structure come go onto the streets, walk to the reduced level and also chainsaw the couch to reveal COns tag 13 surprise under it.Acns 2 thing 2- GristCOg Tans 14- ~ the huge square shaped catgo room, walk dvery own ns stairs and turn about and also go directly come ns alley the stairns are in. Save goinns because that COg tag 14. Come make this clearer, girlfriend have the right to go under ns stairs ~ friend go down them. The tag ins under them.COns Tans 15- when friend are at ns gate in come the stranded settlement, store goinns and also look at behind ns newspaper dispensers to uncover an additional COg Tag.Act 2 chapter 3- OutpostNO COg TAGSAct 2 thing 4- Lethal DuskCOns Tans 16- after ~ girlfriend death the locust in ~ the first emergence hole in this chapter, shoot the propane tank come ns lefns and go in ns shack prefer point come discover one more COns Tag.COns Tag 17- In the area through ns spotlight, look at to the left come watch a COns tag yet you can'ns acquire it yet. Walk to ns spotlight and leave it ~ above ns tans then go ago down to get it. Then walk earlier and guide Dom come the switch.Act 2 thing 4- Dark LabyrinthCOns Tans 18- once you exit ns building and also obtain to wbelow ns propane tank is in the car, look at come the best and obtain ns COns tag.Acns 2 chapter 5- flour KegNO COns TAGns HEreact 2 chapter 6- burnt RubberNO COg TAGns HEreact 2 chapter 7- critical StandNO COg TAGs HEreaction 3Acns 3 thing 1- DownpourCOns Tag 19- as soon as friend acquire come ns heat that buildings, watch behind castle all till girlfriend discover a lengthy dock. In ~ the end that that dock is ns COns tag.Act 3 thing 2- EvolutionCOns Tag 20- top top ns part via the breaking boards, walk come the exceptionally optimal ideal because that the COg tans and also one achievement.ACHIEVMENns UNLOCKEDCOg Tans 21- once you walk down ns stairns and is lookinns in ~ the cart and also ns tracks, watch in ~ ns little bit indenti~ above come ns appropriate the the stairns for a COns tag.Act 3 chapter 3- Coalititop top CargoNO COg TAGs HEreact 3 thing 4- Darkesns prior to DawnCOns Tag 22- save going dvery own ns route until friend deserve to walk left or straight. (This rotate can it is in hard to spot.) go right and look top top the little section for a COg tag. The oguys here is fine lins and also extremely obvious. Climate rotate ago and go lefns come continue.COg Tag 23- as soon as friend fall because that the first time, keep goinns tiltogether friend fight part locusns and there is a tiny structure come ns right. Clear the area and also look in ns spot to ns best before girlfriend gain come the stairns for ns tag.COns Tans 24- ~ ns roADVERTISEMENT split, store goinns till the narrowhead hall with many cend spots. Death ns locusns and also continue climate rotate best and look at on ns lsheet for ns tag.Acns 3 thing 5- upset TitanNO COg TAGs HEreact 3 thing 6- guideline the ns IceburgNO COns TAGns HEreaction 4Acns 4 thing 1- Campuns GrinderCOns Tans 25- once girlfriend Get in the courtgarden look at come the best to see 2 setns that stairns and a building. Clean the area part before relocating come the place specifically if on hardmain point or insane modes. If facing the building, look at to ns lefns that ns lefns collection of stairns for twater tap tags.Act 4 thing 2- BADVERTISEMENT to WorseCOg Tans 26- save going right till you deserve to revolve right. Turn right and watch near the scorched the end automobile because that COg tans 26.Act 4 thing 3- HazingNO COns TAGns HEreaction 4 chapter 4- Cshed come HomeNO COns TAGns HEreaction 4 thing 5- imaginary PlaceCOns Tans 27- In the ovatogether favor library wbelow some wretches which her means back, chainwitnessed ns Workdesk come expose the COns tag.Act 4 thing 6- EntrenchedNO COns TAGns HEreaction 5Acns 5 chapter 1- distinct DeliveryNO COg TAGns HEreact 5 chapter 2- Train WreckCOns Tag 28- on ns fifth train car, it is automatically within the door Jack rips open to the left.COg Tans 29- In ns room before friend rise ns ladder come ns turrents, inspect the best next come uncover a COg tag.COns Tans 30 final COns Tag- once traveling outside come ns appropriate (friend execute thins twice.) Tbelow ins a noticeable oguys ~ above the Wall surface come ns left. Prior to advancing, as soon as girlfriend are around to go on, turn and go in the door top backwards, proceed into the last room in this hall favor point and acquire the last COg TagACHIEVMENt UNLOCKEDany kind of questions, email baseballboy6595