get comprehensive information on George and also maria Josephine Hamguy foundation Scholarshins and also its eligibility criteria, applications deadline, rewardns and also more.

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George and maria Josephine Hamman foundation Scholarship

George and also maria Josephine Hamguy structure wtogether inaugurated top top 1954. The facility because that George and also mary Josephine Hammale foundation scholarship ins to give ns financial Assistance come students in ns quest of greater education; to promote arts. Ns George and mary Josephine Hamguy structure has actually forgive $95.4 million in sponsor and also scholarshipns end its 63 year of company to ns community.

each spring George and also mary Josephine Hammale structure offering 70 scholarshins awards to the Houston location high school seniors for undergraduate study. The recipient may choose any kind of significant at any type of four-year college or University in ns unified States. The structure has actually forgive $95.4 millitop top in sponsor and also scholarshipns over itns 63 years of organization come ns community.

George and also mary Josephine Hamguy structure Scholarshins Amount

George and mary Josephine Hammale foundation awards seventy (70) scholarshipns to Houston location high school seniorns because that undergraduate study

the scholarship compensation amountain is $20000.

ns scholarship amount is disbursed end 4 years

George and also maria Josephine Hammale structure Scholarship application and also deadlines

applications criteria

Scholarshins application may it is in submitted During ns student’s senior year in high school.

Students may complete ours scholarshins forms virtual ~ September 15th of your high level year.

ns applications will be easily accessible on ns website

do no submit an applications before friend take it ns satellite or ACT

Studentns must have actually a minimum satellite composite score that 1000 (~ above the mathematics and Reading/writing portions combined), and/or a ACt compowebsite smain point that 21. All satellite and/or ACt scores have to it is in from ns same test date

Studentns that to be no possible come access ns Net send ns fill application come ns address

application Deadline

send the application prior to February 17.2020

do sure every the detailns are up to date

Students to be encouraged to send beforehand to ensure the their applications is obtained stylish and also no wains till ns deadline.

Selection process

a variety of finalistns will certainly be selected from the application obtained and also will be invited in because that an individual interview. Lock will ultimately be informed in creating if castle will or will certainly not obtain a Hamguy Scholarship. If a student ins not invite in because that an individual interwatch by in march 15, castle might assume the they are not a finaperform and also no correspondence will certainly it is in forthcoming native the Foundation.

fns applicant have to it is in a high institution high level after ~ ns begin of ns Second year.

the applii do not know need to it is in attfinishing a high school or is homeschooled in Houst~ above are in Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery or Waller.

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ns applii do not know need to it is in a citizens the ns united States.

come be eligible because that the scholarship, friend have to have a minimum sat compowebsite score that 1000 (on the mathematics and also Reading/composing parts combined), and/or one ACns composite score the 21