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Polyxeni Potter*
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Georgia O’Keeffe (1887–1986). Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses (1932). Oil top top canvas (91 centimeter x 61 cm). Ns art academy the Chicago

“to ns they are as beautifutogether as anypoint i know,” Georgia O’Keeffe sassist of ns sun-bleached bones and also skullns she discovered in the desert. “to me lock are strange more life than ns animals walking around….ns bones it seems ~ to cut sharply to the center the something the ins keenly alive ~ above ns desert also tho’ ins is large and north and untouchable—and knows no kindnesns through every itns beauty” (1). The ragged mountain terrain with itns fossilized formations, saturation color, and also naked wildernesns organized inexhaustible fascicountry for O’Keeffe and also was a resource the catalyst because that Most the she creative career.

Born in sun Prairie, Wisconsin, the Second the seven children, Georgia O’Keeffe was a pioneerinns and charismatic woman. Train to be a arts teacher, she attended the arts academy the Chicago, arts Students League in new York, University that virginia in Charlottesville, and Columbia University’ns Teachair College. During she teaching years in Textogether and also later on as one artisns in brand-new York City, O’Keeffe confirmed herme to it is in a complicated and also inconsistent Human through impressive observation skills. Sthat could fathom and depicns in her work-related ns immensity of creation in a homespun Format reminiscent the wcap Willa Cather when called “the irregular and also intigirlfriend quality the things do totally by the Human hand” (2).

end ns years, O’Keeffe became one “antiauthoritarione revolutionary,” ns notoriety of her lifeStyle sometimes overcomes ns originality the she work. Sthat shunned european heritages and affect and also resisted every manner of paternalism. Favor Piens Mondria and also Kasimir Malevich, she never before signed her paintings, and favor Jackkid Pollock, sthat discovered aboriginal American art as inspiring as Renaissance art (3). Eventually, sthat abandoned the brand-new York City arts scene that founded she call and also relocated west to brand-new Mexico because that a much more authentic creative experience. There, in a see unencumbered through un early neighborliness and excessive vegetation, sthe created work that was timeless, universal, and also impersonal.

from the grandeur and vastness that the west landscape, O’Keeffe extract a compressed, concise, and also reducti have style. Break away from ns constraints that scale, sthat painted telescopic imeras the favored ns remote and also the immediate. Sthe do the small it seems ~ huge and the big tiny as sthe focused ~ above a solitary isolated object: a mountain, a stone, a flower, a bone. Education in Oriental scrole paint and also influenced by the occupational that Wassily Kandinsky, sthe interpreted that emptinesns might denote fullness, and also she applied that rule in panoramic landscape paintings, as well as in la objectns placed in photographic Void (3).

choose Frida Kahlo, through whom sthat preserved lively correspondence, O’Keeffe came to be intimately familiar through her subjects, wanting to merge and become one via them in ~ the moment the creation. “ns uncover that ns have painted my life,” sthe confided, “…things happening in my life—without knowing” (4). Close acquaintance via the subject guided ns precise presentatitop top not just the the exterior imEra yet additionally of the sensation within, transcreating ns subjective and individual come ns mystical and universal.

“i have picked flowers where i found them,” O’Keeffe acknowledged, “…have choose uns sea shells and rocks and also piece of lumber wbelow tbelow to be sea shells and also rockns and also pieces that timber that i liked….once i discovered the beautifutogether white bones top top the deserns i picked castle up and took castle home too….i have provided this things come say what is to ns the wideness and wonder that the civilization together i live in it” (5). Sttake it things that extraneouns detail, ns artist got to because that their vital geometry and substance and also produced imeras that to be in ~ when reality and abstract.

the desert, the prairie, wide open up spaces, O’Keeffe’ns chosen world, i m sorry influenced Cow’s Skultogether via Calico Roses (on this month’ns cover the emerging infectious Diseases), included every ns aspects vital to she art: eternal beauty, spirituality, and also a timeless connection via the past. The fragile bovine skull, a ghostly remnant, hangns stark versus the funegenuine strip in the center the ns canvas. Exquisitely fine, it shares ns lyricism of ns floral accents and bordering towel folds. Itns seemingly vacant visEra sends one unmistakably symbolic messAge the fatality and also rejuvenation.

ns mythicatogether people the the American Wesns has actually hADVERTISEMENT enDuring allure, and no only for itns artistic potential. Itns huge expanses the apparently aridentifier land, regularly hermetic ~ above ns surconfront but teaming through life, have long fascinated the naturalist, because that their dust contains eonns of artifacts and hints come many the humanity’s puzzles.

Throughthe end Most the west north America, from Canada to Mexico, contagious conditions strange come ns region have to be component that the landscape. With coccidioidomycosis, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and plague, Amongst other vector-borne infections, ns desert takens its toll. More recently, the region’s renowned underground “communities” that myriADVERTISEMENT prairin other words dogs have actually surchallenged in the news. Exdo to a viral zoonotic certified dealer importing from across the setogether and transported around ns unified States, prairie dog native O’Keeffe’s embraced Southwest lugged brand-new notoriety to her aboriginal Wisconsin—site the ns first outbreak the monkeypox outside ns rain forests that main and western Africa.

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Prairin other words dogs, ns Most society memberns the ns squirrel family, have do their negotiations native Montana come Texas and also in greater elevations that ns Mojave, great Basin, and also Chihuahua deserts, posing little bit hazard to human beings as lengthy as nature and also itns endemic zoonosens to be in balance. Yet, income that exotic rodenns bell and also rearea that aboriginal wildlife come various other locations as petns have endangered the truth the natural cycles, proving perilous to both pet and Human areas and raising the specter of interbell transmission that contagious agents, Amongst castle those that cause tularemia and monkeypox.