general - home windows Update faicaused check because that updays through error 0x800b0001

applying spot kb2720211 andkb2734608 ~ above your server will assist you not gaining ns error 0x800B0001


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I"ve operation the WSUns Client Diagnosticns Tool top top one of the servers and also have acquired this responce:

GetFileVersion(szEngineDir,&susVersion) fail through hr=0x80070002

Client Diagnostic Device is 32-little only; see above short article for connect come SolarWinds Device i m sorry will certainly run on 64-little systems.

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Wednesday, august 14, 2013 9:34 PM

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on our website us use a WSUs server yet when ns manually attempt come uns date any various other server on the site i obtain ns complying with message:

"home windows could not find because that new updates

an error arisen while checking because that brand-new updates because that girlfriend computer

Error(s) found:

code 80244023 windows Update encountered a unknown error. Obtain aid via the error."

ns tried clicking ns attach but this password don"t show up in ns list.

I"ve tried running the FitIt Tool because that home windows Update and also this doens report the it"s repared an worry with ns windows Upday omponentns yet I"m stiltogether getting the same problem and also code.

Searches ~ above google have actually said DNns worries yet i have the right to ping ns WSUs server indigenous any the the server and the a acquire a respwhen and also the surname ins resolved.

I"ve run ns WSUs Clienns Diagnostics Device ~ above one of ns serverns and also have actually obtained thins responce:

"WSUns Client Diagnosticns Tool

check Machine State

check because that admin legal rights to operation tool.........PASS

automatically Updays organization ins running........PASS

Backgring Intelligenns transport Server ins running........PASS

GetFileVersion(szEngineDir,&susVersion) failure with hr=0x80070002

the system canno uncover the Data specified."

i m sorry ns can i think isn"t good!

all servers are running on Server 2008 R2 and we usage Client next Targeting for every the servers.

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Right now ins ins the summer holidayns therefore ns perfecns tins to update every ns servers in ns institution yet i can"t it seems to be ~ come acquire lock come talk to WSUs to choose uns ns apverified updates In spite of them showing in ns exactly computer list. Part have actually reporting back in the critical couple that days however various other no necessary servershaven"t for over a year (Since the last time i ra ns updates).

might someone please answers to thins and also give me part beneficial pointers. In ns Mean time ns will certainly simply update manuallied over the network - somewhat beating the thing that having actually a WSUns server buttime ins versus me.