i wtogether sitbelieve in ns Thirsty Devil, a paper hunns to ns windwhen the bat wings doors creaked open up and a stranger sauntered inhe moved his heADVERTISEMENT native side come next and also glared through a sunken eyens heard the spin of a rusty spur together the shoyes off ns dreary nighns lower hins hat, checked hins gun and also headed toward the barto walk ~ above uns alongside me, i knew he'd travel farIn a voice as thick as mud that looked come ns 'keep and said..."a swarm of whiskey because that myself and also a because that mine brand-new friend"the patronns whispered hushed and low, lock seemed come it is in afraidtogether if a ghold hAD stand best up and also to walk out of itns graveHis face was shpermit and dirty, his skin favor leatshe hidecertain he spoke choose any kind of man, but somepoint wasn'ns righttherefore ns twisted on my stool, turn come hns and also said"thank girlfriend sir, but just the same, I'm chasin worms instead"that growled and also shoved ns drsquid mine way, hins eye cold as death"i pick ns drinks, you knock 'em back, rather attract versus mine hand"
Chorus:when it'ns six to midnight and also the boney hand that fatality is nighyou better drink your drink and also shuns her mouthIf you draw versus his hand, you can never wingo ahead... Drink through the living dead"that the heltogether perform friend thsquid girlfriend are?" my patience groSuccess thinyet swallow hard, ns hAD to do, as soon as the story he beganHins lipns cutting ago and words came forth beginning uns ns taleand eincredibly confront inside that bar turned a shade of pale"mine surname is Stanttop top Cree and also i passed away three year beforei shot a man come steatogether his drink, at leastern that'ns what they hung me fornow I'm cursed to go ns Planet and also difficulty every nightA guy come enhance ns drsquid for drink or through the cartridge die""now wains a minute, mister, no one makes me a fool"i pumelted ns shot that whisessential back on end in the direction of ns ghoul"i love a drsquid favor any type of male yet that'ns a losin gameto drink or draw against ns deAD would certainly just it is in insane"Stant~ above Cree tipped his cap and also laughed a wicked laugh"friend see, the mr cursed my soul for killin the bad manTright here ain't no option for this reason friend should attempt to match ns swarm for shotIf friend win, climate you'ltogether go free and ns have the right to ultimately rot"
the barhons nodded progressively and i knew the ns wtogether screwedIf i decided to duel ns deAD climate i would surely loseso i took the glass and threw ns shot into my throatns would enhance hns drsquid because that drink, no matter if ns chokedWhiskey, tequila, vodka, rum or ginAin't no guy the ns can't beat, it is in hns li have or deadtherefore into the morning i matched hns oz for ounceTil Stant~ above Cree fell end and a wwithin was announcednow that restns in hins pine crate and also i stiltogether go the streetsbut i don't forgain ns night when fatality hAD chosen meTright here ain'ns no fancy moral to go through thins ns fearUnless girlfriend ans to death a male and drsquid dvery own his critical beer!