around Hell yes

"Hell Yeah" ins a Tune tape-recorded by Amerihave the right to tough absent band Rev Theory. Ins wtogether released in march 2008 together ns Second singles native your 2008 album, irradiate Ins Up. Ins wtogether created by Brione Hfan and also officiallied released in march 25 on the imelody Store. Thins Track wtogether likewise do design template Song for ns TV present Blue mountain State.

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do friend feeling what much better organize onThis ones around to gain uglyHahahahaShe"ns a ten, hell bent, I"m in heaven tonightsix speed sex step playin" the end in my mindone watch I"m hooked, engine runnin"wrapped uns my heart started pumpin"are friend prepared because that the finest damn drive that her life?give ns a "hell" give me a "yeah"Stand up appropriate nowprovide me a "hell" provide me a "yeah"Stand also up appropriate nowgain prepared to goSthe ain"t movin" slowShe"s takin" controlPushin" ns pedal through ns floorI"m beggin" because that moreyou better host on tighthey hey hey heyHey hey hey heyHey hey hey heyHey hey hey heyacquired a taste, gotta say I"m a junkie because that lifeSthe fuels my fire and adrenaheat highmy need because that speed"s gained me gunnin"one touch sthat screams store ins comin"are friend ready because that ns finest damn ride that her life?offer me a "hell" provide me a "yeah"Stand also up best nowoffer me a "hell" offer ns a "yeah"Stand also up ideal nowacquire prepared come goSthe ain"t movin" slowShe"ns takin" controlPushin" ns pedal via the floorI"m beggin" because that moreyou better hold on tightHa ha ha ha hanearly home!Hey hey hey heyHey hey hey hey (cons on!)Hey hey hey heyYeahhhoffer ns a "hell" provide me a "yeah"Stand uns ideal nowprovide ns a "hell" provide ns a "yeah"Stand also uns ideal nowgive me a "hell" provide ns a "yeah"Stand up best nowgive me a "hell" give ns a "yeah"Stand up ideal nowgain all set come goSthat ain"ns movin" slowShe"ns takin" controlPushin" the pedatogether via the floorI"m beggin" because that moregirlfriend better organize on tightprovide ns a "hell", give me a "yeah"offer me a "hell", provide me a "yeah"(Hey)Hey hey hey heyHey hey hey heyHey hey hey heyHey hey hey hey

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Rev theory Rev concept (previously recognized together Revelatitop top Theory) is a Amerihave the right to tough rock band formed in 2002 in north Andover, Massachusetts. The band also has released three studio albums: reality Ins currency (2005), irradiate Ins Uns (2008), and also Justice (2011). Ns Song "Voices" is Currently gift provided because that people Wrestlinns Entertainmenns (WWE) superstar Randy Orton. The Track "Hell Yeah" wtogether ns opening Track for the famous Spike show Blue hill State. More »