God of battle 4 Darknesns and Fog Trophy Guide

as soon as you uncover four Niflhens ciphers, girlfriend will certainly able to travel come the Realm. Within the Niflhens Realm, girlfriend deserve to undertake 3 favors from Sindri. The first 2 are fairly easy, however the critical one can be challenging. Ns last favor: Ivaldi’ns Curse, entails sealing 3 kingdom Tears. This kingdom Tears to be wislim Ivaldi’ns Workshons center Chamber, along with many kind of chests. Sealinns every the realm Tears and also lootinns the center room unlockns the Darknesns and also Fons Trophy.

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prior to friend deserve to jumns right into sealing ns realm Tears, you’ll require an Entry stone i m sorry Sindri can craft making use of part Mist Echoes. Mist Echoes are uncovered in ns chestns ~ beating adversaries in this Misty Realm. This completes Sindri’s initially Favor: Ivaldi’s Workshop. Sindri’s 2nd donate is come retrinight ns Rusted royal Armor alongside a corpse wislim the facility Chamber. Thins ins one also simpler favor. When friend are within the Chamber, you will certainly climate view wright here the brunt the the effort will come from. Ns treacertain chests and realm tear requires resources. Many them. You’ltogether require Misns Echoes, and a rare reresource — Anchor the Fog.


In total, you’ltogether require around 69,000 Mist Echoens to open eextremely kingdom Tear and also treacertain chest. And also you’ll require a Anchor that Fons because that each kingdom Tear, for a total that three. Mist Echoens to be easy to find enough, yet Anchor of Fog needs more work. To gain thins epos resource, you’ll have to defeat together many type of opponents together you can, and also open as many type of treacertain chests together possible. Anchor of Fons ins situated in the legend Chests deep within this trap-to fill realm. However you can’ns simply operation past the traps and adversaries deep into thins labyrinth come loot the chests. The truth is, the more enemies beat and also chestns you open, ns much better her possibilities that getting ns Anchor the Fog.

Sealing the kingdom Tears

Tbelow are 3 realm Tear in total. To distinguish them, castle every require a various amount that Mist Echoes. Tear 1 requires 10,000. Tear 2 requires 20,000. And the furthest back Tear 3 requires 15,000. Let’ns start via Tear 3, Since it’ns ns toughest.

Tear 3 – 15,000 Mist Echoens & 1 Anchor that Fog

Thins is ns toughest realm Tear come seal, Because of ns 3 Revenants. If you are playing ~ above the difficult challenge choose me (offer ns a Challenge), then you’ll need to easily obliteprice lock come stand a chance. 2-3 hits native the enemies can death you. Friend can dice exceptionally easily if you decision to use a Runic attack in ~ the wronns time. Tright here is one Revenanns the girlfriend have to focus on at the very start. The Revenanns Summoner will certainly keep developing Nightmarens till friend defeat it. Activate Spartan RPeriod and also have Atreuns shoot it to make ins appear, climate throw a boulder at it. 2 direct-hins boulders need to death it. If friend don’t have actually sufficient for a Spartone Rage, climate emphasis ~ above building it in ns various other realm Tears prior to this one. Have Atreus shoot down the continuing to be Nightmares. Attack lock might leave girlfriend open come the various other Revenants.

Tear 2 – 20,000 Misns Echoens & 1 Anchor that Fog

You’re confronted with a soul Devourer and also two Wulvers. Ns Key enemy ins ns soul Devourer; kill ins and girlfriend seatogether the realm Tear. If you kill ns Wulvers, castle cons earlier at a greater level. Wulvers begin off as level 1 and also go as much as levetogether 8. Store castle distrplot via Atreus. Stunninns ns spirit Devourer is ns way come damage ins quickly. Girlfriend can execute this by thrfan the axe at it’ns facility chesns once it’ns open, or throwing one of ns orbns it popns out at it. Climate shock GrAb ins and melee it till ins collapses.

Tear 1 – 10,000 Mist Echoens & 1 Anchor of Fog

This is the easiest realm Tear come complete, so if friend have to develop your Sparta Rage, carry out this a first. It’ns simply three Ogres in total. Make sure Atreuns has actually his light Arrows equipped, and Kratos utilizing melee attacks come stun them quicker. Then friend deserve to shock grAb and ride a Ogre attacking the others. After girlfriend have sealed ns Tear, don’t foracquire come collection ns rewards in the Tear i beg your pardon ins required come unlock Darkness and Fog Trophy.

Treacertain Chests

opened the treasures ala withthe end sealing ns kingdom Tear won’ns unlock the Darkness and also Fog Trophy. Girlfriend need to loss all the enemies come collection ns rewardns wislim the Tears. Smash every the wooden chests, and open all the neighboring coffins. Finally, the legendary Chestns that require Misns Echoes has many kind of epic gear, including Chilling mists the Niflheim. Girlfriend deserve to usage thins at either Brok or Sindrns come handmade a Frozen flame resource. This is supplied come update the Levia보다 Axe to the max. ~ every treasures to be collected, consisting of the treacertain by ns corpse, the Darknesns and also Fons Trophy will certainly unlock. You deserve to now go ago to Sindri to tell hns you perfect hins favor.

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check the end the Muspelheim Trials guide on tips and techniques because that ns difficult Trials. Perfect Trial 6 unlocks the Fire and also Brimrock Trophy.