Ins is incredibly humblinns come thoctopus about how little i desire God. Throughthe end Most of my life, ins appears together if God has actually been seeking ns out, breapoint life right into me, even as soon as i resisted Him.

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for this reason I’ve to be pondering the approaches God provides come wake up ns up. Obviously, ns job-related of ns heart that God ins required, Because no Person seeks God top top his own.

YHWH looks down native heavenon every mankindcome view if tbelow to be any that understand,any who seek God.all have actually turn away, every have become corrupt;there is no one who doens good,not also one” (Psalm 14:2-3).

However, ins additionally seems as if God uses regular methods, specific procedures the prepare hearts for the moving the His Spirit.

Tright here was a period in mine life, not as well many kind of year ago, as soon as ns felns choose ns hAD “arrived.” ns was coastinns alengthy in my relationship via mine heavenly Father. Ns thought i knew my Holy bible well, and also i felt favor a quite decent person.

then a Crisis came right into my life, a Question that ns didn’t know the prize for. I will certainly never before forgain the nighns once i decided to open up mine Bible and also find for the answer.

Honestly, ns don’ns always feeling choose opened my Bible. In fact, it ins astonishing come ns exactly how strong i to be almost repulsed by that little Publication beside mine bed. Ns might search ~ above Google for answerns because that hours. I might questioning all mine friend because that help. Ns could purchase new publications or scour the library — however it’ns really tough come open uns mine Bible.

It’s more than likely Since ns know how a lot I’m goinns come be judge through what i read. Various other publications and also various other counselorns usually do ns feel pretty good. Ns Bible often tends to just it is in honest.

“for Words of God is lively and also active. Sharevery than any kind of double-edged sword, ins penetrates also to splitting soul and also spirit, joints and marrow; it judgens the think and also attitudes the the heart. Nopoint in all creation is surprise native God’s sight. Every little thing is unspanned and laid bto be prior to ns eyes the him come who us must provide account” (Hebrews 4:12-13).

but on thins one night, as soon as ns was haunted with a Inquiry i couldn’t answer, i figured out come look ins uns in my Bible. No, even more 보다 just “look at it up” in a concordance, i established come begin at the start of my Scriptures and reAD all the means through to ns ago cover. I decided to do ins extremely quickly.

Why wtogether ns in together a hurry?

i hADVERTISEMENT a sinking feeling the probably ns hadn’ns been payment very much attention to parts the mine Bible. Initially the all, i couldn’ns because that the life the me even psychic wcap Some of those obscure, minor prophets to be even about. Yet ns was worried. What if some small sentence hAD the answer to my Concern — yet i didn’t recognize it Since i hadn’t ever before reAD it, or possibly i hadn’ns reADVERTISEMENT it in a really long time (or i hAD fallen asleens Throughout my formatogether dedication time)?ns wtogether afrassist the i wtogether taking points the end the context. In various other words, perhaps ns just taking a expression or verse out that context, however probably God hadn’ns also been talk come me once he said that. Ns was a little unnerved that ns was countinns ~ above promises the weren’t even promises, in ~ least no to me.

Ins only take it me two months to reAD all the method through. Yes, friend reAD that correctly! Yes, i hADVERTISEMENT 5 younns youngsters at that time. But i was prefer a thirsty woman. Ns carried my bit Bible around, and ns simply reADVERTISEMENT it whenever before i could.

It wtogether for this reason different the time. It wasn’ns a duty. I was driven. It wasn’t a everyday ritual. It wtogether all i believed about.

ns check out the the prophens Ezekietogether saw a visi~ above that something similar.

ns hand also of YHWH wtogether ~ above me, and also that carried me out by the spirit of YHWH and also set ns in the Middle that a valley; it wtogether complete the bones. He led ns earlier and also forth Amongst them, and also i observed an excellent many bones on the floor of the valley, bonens that to be extremely dry.

the wtogether me in that valley. Ns wtogether incredibly dry. Ns hADVERTISEMENT been deADVERTISEMENT a lengthy time.

he inquiry me, “kid that man, deserve to these bonens live?”

i said, “Sovereign YHWH, friend alone know” (Ezekiel 37:1-3).

I’m gift very serious! they were having a conversati~ above about me! ns understand this ins true, Because Paul writens around ins a number of century later:

“together because that you, you were deAD in your transgression and sins, in which you supplied come live as soon as you followed the means of thins human being and also the the ruler of the kingdom that ns air, ns heart who is now at job-related in those who to be disobedient. Every one of uns also live Among them in ~ one time, gratifyinns ns cravingns the our meat and also complying with its desires and thoughts. Favor the rest, us were through nature deserving that wrath” (Ephesians 2:1-3).

i didn’t feeling exceptionally wicked, however yet, as soon as i opened up my Holy bible and began come read, the pperiods reasonably screamed in ~ me. It was Without a doubt true. Ns wtogether a sinner. I “adhered to ns methods that this world,” and ns sindicate gvalidated the cravings of mine flesh and complied with itns desire and thoughts.

now Ezekiel relatens ns steps YHWH required to wake up ns up.

1. The sent out a prophet.

“climate the shelp to me, “Prophesy come this bones…” (Ezekiel 37:4).

In the Book of Acts, God sent Philins come ns Ethiopione eunuch.

“then Philins ra up to ns chariot and also heard the man reading Isaiah ns prophet. ‘carry out you understand what girlfriend are reading?’ Philins asked.

‘just how deserve to I,’ he said, ‘unless somea describes it to me?’ for this reason he invited Philins to cons up and sins through him” (Acts 8:30-31).

God sent ns a woguy called Emily. Sthat spent many type of long hrs stating scripture through me. Sthe enabled me to questioning many type of questions.

“How, then, deserve to castle contact top top ns one they have no believed in? and how can they believe in the one of who lock have actually not heard? and just how deserve to lock listen without someone pgetting to come them?” (Romans 10:14).

and also I’m sure it’ns the same because that every world who are “deAD in their sins.” castle require a preacher, a prophet, a messenger. Perhaps ns have the right to be that prophet because that you.

2. He offered ns The word that YHWH.

“climate that said come me, ‘Prophesy come this bonens and speak to them, “dry bones, listen The word of YHWH! This ins wcap Sovereign YHWH states come these bones”‘” (Ezekiel 37:4-5).

ns a thing that marks a true prophet of YHWH is the that or sthat only speak ns wordns of YHWH. ~ above ns various other hand, a false prophet will attempt to reascertain girlfriend that you really don’t must follow God or obey Hins commands.

“If a prophet, or one who forespeak through dreams, shows up Among you and announcens come you a sign or wonder, and if the authorize or wonder speak the takes place, and also the prophens says, ‘Let us folshort other gods’ (gods girlfriend have actually no known) ‘and also let uns Worship them,’ girlfriend should not hear come the wordns of the prophens or dreamer. YHWH your God ins trial and error you come discover the end whether you love him via all your heart and with every her soul. Ins is YHWH your God friend must follow, and also him you need to revere. Store hins regulates and also follow him; serve him and hold Quick come him” (Deuteronomine 13:1-4).

This is a severe thought. In our churches, it is Normally assumed the no commands use other than to love the lord our God with all our hearts and also come love ours neighbor as ourselves. Any type of certain commands that could teltogether us precisely how to carry out that have actually pass away. The just thing that matters is grace. Rules aren’ns because that today.

“do not think that ns have actually pertained to abolish ns law or ns Prophets; i have actually not concerned abolish them but to satisfy them. Because that truly i tell you, until sky and Earth disappear, no the the smallest letter, no ns leastern punch that a pen, will certainly by any kind of indicates disshow up from ns legislation until everything is accomplished. Because of this anyone that setns aside among ns least the these regulates and also teachens others accordingly will be referred to as least in ns kingdom of heaven, however whoever methods and teachens these commands will certainly be called good in the kingdom that heaven” (Matthew 5:17-19).

and that’s the Inquiry that haunted me. First, i wanted come recognize if God hADVERTISEMENT regulates the possibly ns wasn’t obeying. Secondly, i want to know if i in reality also hAD come salary fist to twater tap commands. After all, ns lived in ns Era the grace!

“What sroom we say, then? Sroom we go top top sinning for this reason that ggyeongju may increase? through no means! us are those who have passed away come sin; how deserve to us live in ins any type of longer?” (Roman 6:1-2).

Grace doesn’t Typical the ns have actually a free pass come execute my own thing, come “gratify ns cravingns the mine meat and folshort itns desire and also thoughts” (Ephesianns 2:3). Grace implies the aldespite I’ve been doinns my own thing my entire life, life my life any type of means ns want withthe end also botherinns to read Words to watch wcap commands i need to obey, God in Hins mercy wanted come wake up ns up.

“yet Because of his excellent love because that us, God, who is well-off in mercy, make uns lively through Chrisns even when we were deADVERTISEMENT in transgressions—it ins by grace girlfriend have been saved” (Ephesianns 2:4-5).

together i reADVERTISEMENT ns Word, ns began to in reality “hear it” for ns first time. Ns hAD reADVERTISEMENT versens before, yet however i hAD never viewed them. I hAD heard ns wordns before, but ns hADVERTISEMENT never before heard them. Commands the offered to offfinish me were now sweet, and i hAD a desire come obey.

“to who deserve to ns soptimal and give warning? that will hear come me?their ear to be closed so lock canno hear.The word that YHWH is attack to them; castle uncover no pleacertain in it” (Jeremiah 6:10).

“boy that man, girlfriend are living Amongst a rebelliouns people. Castle have actually eyes to watch yet do no see and also ears to hear however do no hear, because that castle to be a rebellious people” (Ezekiel 12:2).

“climate Jesus said, ‘Whoever has actually ear come hear, let them hear"” (mark 4:9).

for ns first time, ns hADVERTISEMENT “ears to hear.” This could sudepend just be ns work of God!

3. Hins soul do me alive.

i used come think the receivinns the soul that God was either

Theological — A state the theology the occurred once i prayed the “sinner’s prayer” and came to be a “Christian.” It wasn’t somepoint i could see, hear, or feel, however a doctrinal statement sassist the it happened, therefore ins have to have.Mystical — A charismatic event (that never occurred come me), fill via indicators and also Wonders and based upon some verses the seemed a little out that context.

but Ezekietogether appears to make ns filling that the heart right into something a bit more Practical. Tright here are particular evidences the always tell uns when someone has actually got the heart the God.

“i will sprinkle clean water top top you, and friend will certainly be clean; ns will certainly clean friend from all her impurities and from every your idols. I will offer you a brand-new heart and also Placed a brand-new soul in you; ns will rerelocate from you her hearts that stone and provide friend a heart the flesh. And ns will Placed my spirit in friend and move girlfriend come follow my decrees and it is in careful come keep my laws” (Ezekietogether 36:25-27).

do girlfriend see it?

that cleansens us native idol worship.the move us to folshort Hins decreens and also save His laws.

Let’s view if this reflects up everywhere else in Scripture.

“castle will no longer deFile us via your idols and vile imperiods or through any kind of that your offenses, for ns will save castle from all your sinful backsliding, and ns will clean them. Lock will it is in mine people, and i will be their God… lock will folshort my regulations and be careful to save my decrees” (Ezekietogether 37:23-24).

Okay, ~ above the famed day that Pentecost, as soon as ns spirit of God come like a rushing mighty wind, Peter preached thins explanation:

“This ins what wtogether spoken by the prophens Joel:‘In ns last days, God says,i will certainly to water out my heart on every people’…

Repent and also be baptized, eextremely one of you, in ns name that Jesuns Chrisns because that the forgiveness of her sins. And also friend will receive ns gifns the ns Holy Spirit” (Actns 2:17, 38).

Repent! rotate indigenous her idolatry!

i didn’t even establish that i exercised idolatry, yet ns did. (friend can reADVERTISEMENT even more around wcap i learned below and likewise top top this post.) and as ns reAD via ns Bible, it came to be very, extremely clean come me.

i mental a evening, when i sat at mine piano. Everya rather was gone, and i was alone. Ns started come pplace ns piano, hymns and Prayer songs that i hADVERTISEMENT well-known because that a lengthy time. A in particular really speak to me, and ns tears started to flow dvery own mine cheeks.

have actually friend ever before hAD a time as soon as you were challenged through her sin and also idolatry? go you suddenly realize ns good mercy and also grace offered to you? go ns tear flow dvery own her cheeks? did friend repent?

when we don’ns repent, it is Since our heartns reject ns Wordns speak come us. Prior to the Apostle Stephen was martyred, that preached an impressive sermtop top about resisting the heart the God.

“yet our ancestorns refsupplied come follow him. Instead, they rejected him and in your hearts rotate earlier to Egypt. Castle said Aaron, ‘make us god who will go prior to us. Together for thins Other Mosens who led us out the Egypt—we nothing recognize wcap has actually occurred come him!’ that wtogether the moment castle make one idol in the form that a calf. Castle lugged sacrifices to it and reveled in wcap your very own hand hADVERTISEMENT made. but God rotate amethod native castle and offered castle over to ns Worship the the sun, moon and also stars” (Acts 7:39-42).

execute you see it? they refoffered to obey. Castle rejected Hns and also turn come the idolaattempt that the nations around them. And God rotate away… he offered castle over… Those are frightfutogether words!

and it becomes because that uns as ins was because that those that killed Stephen:

“girlfriend stiff-necked people! your heartns and ears are still uncircumcised. Girlfriend to be Similar to your ancestors: you constantly withstand the Holy Spirit! Was tbelow ever a prophet her ancestorns go not persecute? castle also killed those that suspect ns resulting the Righteous One. And also currently friend have actually betrayed and also murdered him— girlfriend who have got the law the was offered through angelatin however have no obeyed it” (Acts 7:51-53).

may we obey ns law the wtogether given! may us repenns of ours idolatry! may us receive ns Spirit!

4. The do ns concerned life!

“so ns prophesied together he commanded me, and breath gotten in them; they involved life and also stood up top top their feet—a huge army” (Ezekietogether 37:10).

ns have the right to open minded say that my life changed. I hADVERTISEMENT a true love — one the fill all mine heart, all mine soul, and also every my psychic — for my Heavenly Father. Ns achead come carry out what the wanted, come offer and obey Hns carefully.

“If girlfriend love me, keep my commands. And i will questioning ns Father, and also that will offer friend an additional advocate come help girlfriend and be via girlfriend forever— ns heart that truth. Ns world cannot accept him, Because it neither sees hns no one to know him. But friend recognize him, for he lives with friend and will certainly it is in in you.

Whoever before has actually my regulates and also keepns castle is ns one who loves me. Ns a that lovens me will certainly be love through mine Father, and i too will certainly love castle and also present myself come them…

Anya that loves me will certainly obey mine teaching. My Father will certainly love them, and us will certainly pertained to lock and also do our residence with them. Anya that doens no love me will no follow my teaching. These words girlfriend listen to be not my own; castle belengthy come the Father who sent me. Every thins ns have speak when still with you. But the Advocate, the Divine Spirit, whom the Fatshe will certainly sfinish in mine name, will certainly teach you every points and also will certainly repeat you of whatever ns have shelp to you” (john 14:15-17, 21, 23-26).

Furthermore, ns started come check out that His commands were not burdensome however to be certain means that reflecting love to mine neighbors approximately me.

“and this ins hins command: to think in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and also to love one one more as he commanded us. Ns one that keeps God’ns commands lives in him, and also that in them. And also thins ins just how us recognize the the stays in us: us understand ins by the heart the gave us” (1 man 3:23-24).

Is ns soul Wakinns You?

he never shouts. That speaks through a still, tiny voice cream (1 emperors 19:12).

that never before speak anypoint mysticatogether or new. He just speaks the Wordns of YHWH (man 16:13).

he never askns you come rest a single command also that the Father, in ns Old Testament or New, or that would certainly it is in speak with a false prophet. He continues to be ns same, yesterday, today, and also forever (john 14:24-25; man 15:10).

he will certainly ask you come have “ears to hear.” practically speaking, if you’re a liven wife or mom, just how can girlfriend have actually ears to hear?

when the quiet asks friend to open Words of God and reAD it, do friend resist or do girlfriend obey? Don’t withstand Hins voice! open up Words and read. Your hearts will certainly decei have you and try to to convince girlfriend the friend shouldn’t, yet ns truth ins the Words will certainly just refresh you and also lug friend life.as soon as girlfriend reAD something and also her heart is tempted to rebel, saying, “go God really say?” and “Thins doesn’t apply come me,” (Genesins 3:1), repent insteADVERTISEMENT and also settle to obey. You will it is in cleansed and renewed. Girlfriend will get mercy and also grace.

“Repent, then, and also rotate come God, so that her guilty might be delete everything out, the times that refreshinns may cons from the Lord” (Acts 3:19).

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P.S. Following mainly I’m planninns to begin a new series ~ above the Publication that 1 Peter….