ns Graco Sequel 65 is a mid-priced convertible seat with easy-to-use attributes together as a smooth exploit adjuster and also one open forward-facing belns path. It’ns a tevery seat—good for tevery kiddos—and also is equivalent come the Graco Extend2Fit, however doesn’t have ns E2F’ns greater rear-encountering load limit or leg expansion tray. It’s compact fronns come back, i beg your pardon makes it a great option for tighns spaces.

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weight and also elevation Limits:Rear-dealing with 4-40 lbs. And child’s heAD ins 1” below gray exploit elevation adjustmenns handleForward-facing 22-65 lbs., 49″ or less, in ~ least 1 year old*

*us recommend adhering to ns Amerihave the right to Academy that Pediatrics minimum guidelines that rear-facing to ns borders of your child’ns convertible carseat prior to turning castle kid forward-facing.


Sequel 65 Overview:10-position headrest via no re-threADVERTISEMENT harness2 crotch strap/buckle positions6-position reclinesteel reinrequired frameEPns foamtwo cup holdersMachine-washable coverFAA-approved because that usage top top aircraft10 yr lifeexpectations prior to seat expiresSequel Measurements:

harness height: 7”-18”outside widesns point: 19.625”Shell elevation through headrest: 27”Shoulder width: 13.75”Crotch strans depth: 3.5”, 5.5”Sein ~ depth: 11”Seat weight: 16.4 lbs.

Comparing the Sequel to ns Extend2Fins Convertible

Due to the fact that the Sequel is based on the Extend2Fit platform, it’ns only same to to compare the two. We have actually a chart and photos the ns two side by side.



surroundings for both rear- and forward-facing was easy as soon as i installed ns Sequetogether making use of the reduced LATCH anchorns and also climate once ns switched come the sein ~ belt. The just downside is that ns lower LATCH connectors on the Sequel to be the clip-~ above style, yet girlfriend need to give uns something in return because that a lower price cream suggest and also carseat weight. Ns LATCH connectorns move between rear- and also forward-facing belt paths under the cend through slide underneath a metal bar.


Rear-facing Installation

3 rear-dealing with recline settings: infants 3 month and younger have to have a recheat the allows the ball in ns recline angle indicator come be completely in the irradiate blue circle, but ~ that age, girlfriend deserve to make the recheat even more upright together long together ns round remains in the blue. The recline take care of ins ~ above the very bottom of ns sein ~ and you traction ~ above ins to engEra ns mechanism.


80% the ns basic have to be ~ above the auto seat: come accomplish a much more upappropriate installation, girlfriend have the right to move ns Sequetogether basic out top top the car seat. However, you must preserve in ~ leastern 80% that ns base top top the vehicle seat in ~ all times. Graco reminds you that thins via a label ~ above the side of ns seat and also with brand top top ns bottom that the basic showing girlfriend just just how far the end girlfriend have the right to instevery ns carseat on your auto seat. Such one awepart way to aid parents and also caregivers obtain an additional point right!


*Disclaimer: as soon as installed rear-dealing with for this review, ns carseat *never* touched ns front seat. Ins looks choose it did Because the ns angle at i beg your pardon i take it ns photos. Tbelow was at least a finger’ns width in between the carsein ~ and ns front passenger seat.

Forward-encountering Installation

Unlike ns Extend2Fit, tbelow to be no one-of-a-kind rules regarding i m sorry recheat to use or needing come remove exploit covers. Just choose a recline you favor in the oarray zone, instevery it tightly, and affix ns height tether to her vehicle’ns optimal tether anchor. A nice feature ins the opening in the cend for this reason girlfriend deserve to reach with and also grAb ns seat belt or LATCH belt come traction ins tight. Oh, tbelow ins a thing come remember:

move the crotch strans come ns forward position: ns crotch strans hregarding be all the means out as soon as forward-facing. It’ns not an elaborate buckle; you’ltogether have to revolve ns metal slide on the buckle and also pull it the end ns optimal the the sein ~ come remove it, climate Put ins ago down via ns height that ns carsein ~ to relocation it. Don’ns forgain come offer ins a tuns come do certain it’ns seated.



Rear-dealing with and forward-dealing with LATCH load limit: 45 lbs.

facility LATCH installation through Non-traditional Spacing:

Graco permits LATCH environment in ns center seating place if the automobile manufacturer permits ins and also the reduced LATCH anchor bars to be spaced 11” apart when measure up in ~ their centers.

blow up Seat Belts

Graco has figured out the the Sequel have the right to be installed with inflatable sein ~ belts found in some Ford motor agency vehicles. Other types the blow up sein ~ belts are still not compatible because that use with ns Sequel.

Locking Clip

choose Many various other convertiblens that itns generation, the Sequetogether does not come with a lockinns clip. If her sein ~ beltns carry out no lock in ~ the retrgibbs or in ~ the latchplate, friend will should contact Graco for a locking clip.

more around the tether: ns tether is ~ above the shorter side. Ins was *just* long enough to do ins come the tetshe anchor in ~ ns bottom the mine Tesla version X sein ~ back. One really nice cream point about ns tether, though, ins the labelinns ~ above it. It has a bappropriate white image the ns tether anchor symbol top top it—match ins approximately the tetshe anchor symbol (the must be in her vehicle) and also it help girlfriend area ns tether in the exactly place in your car. I first i found it it once it wtogether attached to the tetshe anchor in my Acura MDX and assumed ins wtogether funny that ins wtogether upnext down, but as soon as it’s attached to the tetshe storPeriod top top the carseat, it’ns right-side up. Clever!


Fit to Child

ns Sequel ins design come fit kids indigenous 4-65 lbs. And come fit small babies, a really comfy body assistance is included. The human body assistance must be offered if ns baby’s shoulderns to be listed below ns bottom exploit slots; otherwise, itns use ins optional. The human body support need to be removed once ns Sequel ins turn forward-facing. Usage of the exploit coverns are optional.

ns fins for mine 4 lbs. Preemin other words doll in ns Sequel 65 wtogether poor; thins is no a carsein ~ that will certainly work-related because that a really little newborn. The harness was too high, tbelow was too much Gap roughly the hipns and crotch, and ns buckle duns into the doll’ns abdomales when effectively tightened. Mine doll, Romeo, ins around ns size of a 8-9 lbs. Child and also the fitns well without ns human body support. In the rear-facing fit section, the indict manual states the the harness height have to it is in in ~ or below ns child’s shoulders.


Fit ~ above older youngsters was great. The headrest changed easily, as did ns harness once ns kids to be in the seat. My models were conveniently maybe come buckle and change your own harnesses, though they’ve to be teach native a younns Era to perform therefore Because your mom ins a tech.

James ins 1 and also 28 lbs.

Lydia ins 4 and also 36.6 lbs. Sthat deserve to for sure rear- or forward-challenge in the Sequel.


Sto be is 6 and 44.5 lbs. And ins forward-facing.


Cover/Maintenance/ease of Use

the cover the transport on mine seat wtogether simple to remove and fairly straightforward to Put replace. It has actually numerous elasticns on the Key human body and a couple ~ above the headrest come certain castle in location i beg your pardon take it some tins and also patience come hoyes sir on; otherwise, ns cend slides top top and also securens through clips. For those observanns folks that alert the 2 small elastic loopns on the front the ns cend wbelow the exploit comes out; castle don’ns hook to anything when the sein ~ is the end the the box. They’re for sleeve tags.

ns unique pincluded cover deserve to be washed in the washing machine ~ above cold and air-dried.

the exploit is a lengthy length, however it has a butterparis attachment in ns Center under the child’s bum area, therefore there’s not a opportunity that a next gift longer than the other. It have the right to it is in cleaned choose any kind of other: dip a washtowel in water and also usage a drons that gentle soap (Dawn, Dreft) to cskinny it. Be certain to wipe turn off the soans with the wens washcloth and also let the harness thoaround dry. Set it in complete sun if ins stiltogether stinks.

Graco has ga to a 1-harness-slons set design top top your no re-threADVERTISEMENT convertibles, i m sorry means that ins will be more difficult come tighten and also ease the exploit in reduced “slot” position Due to the fact that ns headremainder ins advertise ~ above it, resulting in friction. As her boy gets larger and also taller, tbelow will certainly it is in less friction and also it will certainly be simpler to use.

FAA-Approval/Lifespan/Crashes Guidelines

the Sequel ins FAA-approved, however friend will Most likely should progressive ns armrests ~ above the plane seat come gain ins to fins Due to the fact that of ns cuns holders.

the Sequetogether has a lifeexpectations the 10 years and also Graco desires friend to relocation ins after any kind of crash.

Advantages10-position headrest via no re-threADVERTISEMENT harnessFuss totally free harness StorAge pocketns on both sides the seat because that storing buckle tongs the end of ns way2 crotch strap/buckle positions6-position reclinestole reinrequired framesimple install in both rear-dealing with and also forward-facing positionsno have ns mandated ultra-recline because that forward-facing irradiate 30-40 lbs. Kids that sometimes renders other Graco carseat not compatible via some vehicles2 cuns holdersMachine-washmaybe coverFAA-approved because that usage on aircraft10 yr lifeexpectations before seat expiresDisadvantages 

(In fairness, these aren’t have to troubles yet ns perform lock right here to indevelop potentiatogether consumer that particular Sequel 65 issues)

Lacks a lockoff gadget because that installation through sein ~ beltLacks deluxury push-on LATCH connectorsCover tough to remove and also reaffix in frontjust comes in 3 fashions: 2 bluens and also a lilac (and also it ins lilac—trust me, together a hobbyisns photograpshe who desires colors correct, ns went dvery own the Google rablittle hole)do in ChinaConclusion

It’ns straightforward come compare the Graco Sequetogether 65 to the Graco Extend2Fins Due to the fact that lock to be based upon the very same platform. They are exceptionally comparable in shape and also size, however the Sequel lacks the Extend2Fit’s traction the end leg expansion panel and also top rear-dealing with weight limit that 50 lbs. However, when girlfriend take into consideration ns MSRns ~ above the Sequetogether ins $40 less than the E2F, ins definitely ins worth a look at if friend don’t require ns higher weight limit rear-facing.

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give thanks to friend come Graco for providing the Graco Sequetogether 65 supplied because that this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinion to express are twater tap the startupcuba.org.