Red rock Kia is house the ns Forever Warranty, i m sorry is consisted of ~ above every qualifyinns new and provided vehicles. The Forever before warranty does precisely wcap ins says. Ins offers your automobile vouch coverEra because that as lengthy and because that together many miles the friend own the vehicle. Asking your salesHuman being for more details.

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Red rock Kia ins your one-stop-shop for ns recent new Kia models, supplied cars, premier financinns and expert-level auto service. Visins us in Grand Junction today to view any kind of of ours vehicles in even more detail, or to schedule a business appointment because that your car.

Certified Kia Models & provided Cars

Every driver’ns Spending Plan and choice is different, i m sorry is why Red absent Kia stocks pre-own vehiclens together one alternative to buying new. Our certified Kia modelns to be protected by warranty, have to pass a 100-pluns allude investigate because that warranty, and come via a in-depth car background report. You’ltogether enDelight many kind of the ns same benefits as buying a brand-new Kia model, but you’ltogether spfinish a substantial amountain less.

our customers deserve to opt to invest in a provided car, truck, or SUV from a vast array the preferable autoequipments together well. Our used perform ins consisted of that cars, trucks, and SUVs the are the different design years, for this reason girlfriend have the right to browse more recent alternatives and also more affordable supplied cars. Us want to do certain girlfriend find the provided automobile the provides you ns price, style, capabilities, and also functions friend want. Due to the fact that us stock options native all significant brands, we’re confident girlfriend won’t have a problem.

Financinns do Easy

Buying or leasing a new Kia or buying a offered automobile ins a thrilling suffer – when you finance with ns Red rock Kia team. Us don’ns think in stressfutogether financing procedures – we’re here to do every component basic and pleasant. Our customers deserve to use because that financing virtual or at our dealership, and also our teto be will devise a Solution that’ns certain come your lifeFormat and budget. Us constantly ans for state and conditions girlfriend agree with, feasible monthly payments, and also ns shortest accessible interemainder rate.

make Red absent Kia her Most trusted Kia & Full-company Dealer near Grand Junction

Red absent Kia is Grand also Junctitop top and also Clifton’s premier brand-new Kia dealer. We’re no just her Many reliable new Kia dealer close to Fruita, Delta and also Montrose, however. In addition to our new Kia lineup, we’re proud to offer a huge list the supplied carns and an onwebsite organization and also fix center.

Caterinns to our guests’ eincredibly auto-associated need ins something we’re passionate about at Red absent Kia, and we’re constantly functioning tough come enhance the method come carry out business. Motorists visiting uns indigenous the greater Grand also Junction location have the right to counting top top a satisfied and also easy-going dealership atmosphere, a knowledgemay be and approachmay be sales team, and also an exceptional schoice of brand-new Kia modelns and supplied cars. Our score ins to facilitate a stress-cost-free shoppinns experience and also financinns procedure because that eextremely customer that comes with our doors. ~ all, investinns in your following car, hatchearlier or SUV need to feeling nothing much less 보다 exciting.

If a new or supplied car isn’t somepoint you’re in require of, you can watch come our company facility and parts center for all her maintenance, repair, and part-related needs. Our company technicians to be trained extensively, and also there’s nothing we can’ns tackle at ours State-of-the-art service center in Grand Junction.

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brand-new Kia Lineup

Interested in buyinns or leasing a new Kia near Montclimbed or Clifton? Let the Red absent Kia team come to your aid. Eincredibly Kia version top top our showroom floor delivers a unique drivinns Format and set of features, and also ns Red absent Kia teto be is right here to make sure friend select ns Many best design and trns levetogether because that her price suggest and also needs.