There are 91.03 miles indigenous Wichita come good Bend in northwest direction and 138 mile (222.09 kilometers) by car, following the Kns 4 route.

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wait and good Bend to be 2 hrs 9 mins far apart, if friend journey non-stop.

This ins ns fascheck course indigenous Wichita, Ks come excellent Bend, KS. The halfway point is Lindsborg, KS.

Wichita, Kns and good Bend, Ks are in the same time zone (CDT). Existing tins in both places ins 12:22 am.

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Shto be through Fellow travellers any kind of Question or advice around the path native Wichita, Ks come excellent Bend, KS:

Gas consumption and also Emissions

A vehicle via a fuel effectiveness of MPg will require 5.55 gallons that gregarding cend the route between Wichita, KS and also good Bend, KS.

ns estimated cost the gregarding go native wichita to good Bend is $18.16.

During ns route, a averAge automobile will release 108.81 pounds the CO2 to ns atmosphere. Ns carbon footPublish would be 0.79 pounds the CO2 every mile.

AverPeriod united states of america gtogether price cream used for calculation ins $3.27 every galltop top that continual gas. Price cream critical updated on October 25, 2021.

finest many hotels In or close to good Bend, KS

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Halfway point between Wichita, Ks and also excellent Bend, KS

If you want come satisfy halfway between Wichita, Ks and also excellent Bend, Ks or just make a soptimal in ns Middle of your trip, ns precise coordinates of ns halfmethod point the this route to be 38.568554 and also -97.715172, or 38º 34" 6.7944" N, 97º 42" 54.6192" W. Thins place ins 69.15 miles amethod indigenous Wichita, Kns and also great Bend, Kns and it would certainly take it about 1 hours 4 mins come reach ns halfmethod suggest native both locations.

Closesns City or Town come Halfmethod Point

ns closesns town to the halfway suggest is Lindsborg, KS, situated 72 miles indigenous Wichita, Kns and 67 miles from great Bend, KS. Ins would certainly take 1 hours 4 mins to go native wait come Lindsborns and 1 hours 5 mins to go indigenous excellent Bfinish come Lindsborg.

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Weatshe in wichita and excellent Bend

to compare the weather today and also the next 4 days in Wichita, Ks and also great Bend, KS:


Rain tomorheat and Wednesday.

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