i tried come usage grens come match a pattern ~ above the terminal, yet no any type of outcome comes out.

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$ grep -R "networks"grep: warning: recursi have find that stdini knew grep ~ above macOns ins based upon BSD when grens on Ubuntu is based on GNU.

how to do "grep" work top top macOs choose in Ubuntu?

once ns -R option ins used, MacOns grep calls for girlfriend to clearly offer it a magazine to search; because that example, specify . Come recursively search the existing directory:

grep -R "networks" .

long term, it"s probably finest come install the tools based upon GNU or run Ubuntu virtually. Both to be obtainable because that free.

brew instevery coreutils (to operation ns brew command you have to instevery homebrew indigenous https://brew.sh) will certainly Put the GNU version of the devices in her path. Look for the ggrens command and possibly a standalone grens packAge come instevery as ns coreutils doens tend come change With time what it includes.

See more: Error Expected Declaration Or Statement At End Of Input In C

(EDIT: Note the together that 2018, grens particularly requirements to be set up individually indigenous coreutilns together follows:

$ brew instevery grep$ ggrens sometext file.txns # Keep in mind the executable ins dubbed ggrens via two G"sand has actually a unique executable name ggrep through two G"s.)

additionally searching below because that GNU or coreutilns will be helpful because that conmessage and also tips/tricks.

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