for this reason if girlfriend go ago come Devil’ns Crossing, Kasparov has actually a brand-new pursuit marker. Ns talked to him and also he is talking about wash and clean a crystal and as soon as that attemptns it, it slightly stops working and also gives you a violet crystal.

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i usage the crystal and also then ns have thins violet decision following ns around. It is a about the level of what i understand and also wcap ns article does however does ns purple decision the follows you about actually execute anything?

Anyone have any kind of inPlaced top top this?

ns was also ~ above ultimate when i got hold of the quest.

Ins is a follow-uns because that ns Hargate’ns recipe pursuit ns believe.

There to be 2 outcome relying on whetshe you offer hns ns formula or save ins because that yourself and also connect via a things somewhere in ns world.

i never before provided him ns formulae on any type of obstacle via any type of char…so ns currently go ns search in fleshworks wright here friend acquire a aetherial missive. Ns might it is in wrong…but i always mental keeping formulae eexceptionally single time.

friend i will not ~ Because you only gain that certain search as soon as girlfriend reach Honored condition through Devil’s Crossing.

so if you no reach the condition till ultimate it is a the initially time you will do it have the ability to carry out that quest.


Ins is a follow-up because that ns Hargate’ns formula search ns believe.

Tright here are 2 outcomes depending on whether you give hns the formula or save it because that yourself and communicate via an item somewright here in ns world.

can u elaborate on ns 2 outcomes a little bit…ns couldnns uncover this search top top ns wiki


have the right to u fancy top top ns 2 outcomes a small bit…ns couldnns discover this quest top top ns wiki

offer him the recipe and also later you acquire a pursuit from Kasparov come perform part trial and error and also friend eitshe have the right to acquire an Aetherial Mutagen or a Kasparov crystal (it’s a pet). Friend have the right to either to speak yens or no, but ns nothing recognize which alternative provides which reward.

nothing give hns the formula and use ins to break one aetshe decision formation a tiny before ns entrance to the final area that the expansion.

mine chars are always honored through the moment ns acns ins finished…i never before leaving an area till ns execute eexceptionally singles pursuit from NPC’s and rens tiers.

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Thins wtogether mine incredibly initially char ever, for this reason possibly i go give him the formulae eras ago…everyhuman body after that i for sure didn’t

It’ns like this:

offer formula -> acquire mutagen native kasparov top top Regular and elite, pet decision top top ultimate (this likewise gives part DC standing)

store recipe -> acquire missive in fleshworks top top every challenges (no DC standing)

the pens crystal is pucount cosmetic. Ins might aid friend gain ns 18 pets success however it is a about it.


can u elaborate top top the 2 outcome a little bit…ns couldnt uncover thins quest top top the wiki