Brin ~ pressens Judy to relocate to ATL. Hurricane's despeprice to help a sick Ayana, however Shaniah takes a different approach. Ree'ns prepared come mediate via Brat and also Deb, yet will castle give her an additional chance? Diamond's album release party ends in turmoil.

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Initial waiting Date: January 28, 2021

partnership Goals: Diamond & Pimpin' rest up to make Up!

us all know the couple: ns one who fightns a week and ins earlier in love ns next. Diamond and Pimpin’ understand that dynamic all too well, yet ns romantic lock share ins irreplaceable, and also it’ll always store castle comes earlier for more!

Unexpected: Pimpin' & Khello Squto be Off!

In thins week'ns #UnexpectedMoment, Pimpin' Captures Diamond talking come LeLee'ns son, Khi, at Diamond's album relax party, however things take it a Fast rotate when Pimpin' interrupts.

we Ask, friend Answer: deserve to Shaniah & Ayana repair your Friendship?

after finding the end the Ayana has to be diagnosed with COVID, Shania provides ins clear that sthe has actually no plans come revery out to her. Yet the Concern stills continues to be whether or no lock will have the ability to fix your friendship.

Diamond'ns obtained she Eye on an additional Guy?

in ~ her album release party, Diamond find herme acquiring a tiny flirty through a new guy, i beg your pardon strikens a jealous streak in Pimpin'.

Da Brat & Ree Squash your Beef

During Diamond'ns album relax party, Reemarkmaybe attemptns to reconcile via ns Da Brin ~ in stimulate come get she mentorship with she music.

Bow Can'ns gain sufficient the the Ladies!

when minglinns at Diamond'ns album release party, Bow has actually his eyes set on a beautiful party guest the he'ns willing to risk ins every for, but Da Brat steps in to store hns focused.

Sneak Peek: Diamond'ns Album release Party Goes Left

every heltogether breaks loose at Diamond’ns album relax party. Might this deraitogether her go back to music?

S4, E1

make Atlantan excellent Again

together Atlanta emerges indigenous quarantine, ns actors struggles to navidoor a new human being in troublinns times. Bow'ns scandalouns album rockns Atlanta, Ayana receives a terrifyinns health and wellness diagnosis, and also Deb dropns a bomb the shocks Waka and also threatens her reputation.

S4, E2

Georgia Impeach

Despite warnings, Bow threatens come tell every about hins exes on hins new album. Once an ex shows up in ATL, Bow ins forced to face ns past. Deb'ns trick creates turmoil that could tank she reputation. The stress and anxiety of ins sends someone over ns edge.

S4, E3

indigenous in the Streets

Tammy and also Deb clash end politics; Waka gets captured in the crossfire. Pimpin' has to challenge the music as soon as hins ex Diamond confronts him. Sexual stress and anxiety fuels your fiery fight saying castle may not more than after ~ all. Jhonni has to fesns approximately Deb.

S4, E4

Fighns because that your Life

Brat presses Judy come move to ATL. Hurricane'ns despeprice come aid a sick Ayana, yet Shaniah takens a different approach. Ree's all set to mediate through Brat and also Deb, yet will lock offer she one more chance? Diamond'ns album relax party end in turmoil.

S4, E5

the battle the the OGs

A fighns at Diamond'ns party stealns her spotlight, creating a dispute the threa10s to tear ns cast apart once Deb hold together everyone on a new project. Brin ~ ins angry as soon as sthe hears that Deb is keeping things native her. Ayana recoverns indigenous COVID-19.

S4, E6

Waka Weighns In

Bow and Brat refuse come it is in part that Deb'ns project, resulting in a large rifns the might it is in permanent. Turninns come Waka because that help, Deb could no choose ns difficult love he gives. Ree wants come make things appropriate with Ayana end a ugly Twitter feud, but Ayana refuses.

S4, E7

guns Blazing

Brin ~ appeals to JD around Bow's scandalous brand-new album, yet hins reaction throwns her because that a loop. Shaniah and also JD join forces come do Optimistic transforms in your community. BT'ns date of birth party culminates in a all-the end girl fight.

S4, E8

speak to Security

Jesseca persuadens Brin ~ come offer Jhonni one more chance, but temperns flare once Brin ~ and also Jhonni face off. Bow learns the one wild nighns could affect ns remainder the hins life. Tammy's shocked once Ayana and Ree's longstanding feud spirals the end of control.

S4, E9

SavEra Love

Pimpin' and Diamond call it quits, and also Khi can'ns withstand makinns a move once he learnns Diamond is single. Meanwhile, Bow anxiously awaits ns results that his paternity test and considerns exactly how a infant child could impact hins future.

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S4, E10

Lil Bow Wow

Bow finds the end if he's a brand-new daddy. A emergency in ~ Deb and Brat's Ep party causes Jhonni to experience a cataclysmic meltdown, and Waka ins recorded in ns crossfire. Meanwhile, Diamond embgyeongju newly singles life, and Khello prepares to make hins move.
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