Jojo and also Tanice'ns anniversary party goens every ns way lefns once Briana confrontns Boogie around being a disloyal friend. Litogether Twist and also Cree clash. Vanessa pressens Angela around meeting her brand-new man. Savannah digns uns dirt ~ above Boogin other words before their initially date.

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Initial air Date: June 3, 2021

Tee Tee'ns Tins Out: bit Landminens are Everywhere

things are heating uns ~ above thins seaboy of #GUHH and Tee Tee ins right here to dish on all the drama! acquire she take it top top this week’s episode, from Boogie and also Savannah’ns initially day come Jojo and also Tanice’s eventfutogether anniversary party (and every little thing in-between).

Vanessa Grills Angela around Daniel

being the critical member that the family come meet Angela's boyfriend, Daniel, Vanessa inquiries she sister about their relationship. Does Angela have actually something come hide?

Savannah Digs uns Boogie'ns Past!

prior to heading the end on a hot day with Boogie, Savannah and also Stevin other words Jr. Decide to look at hns up top top the internet. She's shocked by what sthat finds!

Twist & Cree butt Heads!

Twisns and also Cree clash just minute before Jojo and Tanice'ns anniversary party begins. Ins ns whole event heading towards disaster?

we Ask, friend Answer: should Boogie have stood uns because that Briana?

Briana confronts Boogie about sitting roughly quiet together Egypns and Sam speak behind her back. Should that have actually was standing up for she in ns moment? Sound off!

partnership Goals: Boogie & Savannah are recording Vibes!

can a new partnership be top top the horiztop top for Boogie and Savannah? we obtain ns inside detailns around your initially date, the potentiatogether for romance, and also much more!

Sneak Peek: Briana Blasts Boogie!

Briana and Boogie’s friendship reachens a tippinns allude as soon as sthe calls hns out in front of the group.

S6, E1

i ordered it or step Aside

the following generatitop top that hins hop aristocracy attempt come step exterior ns zero that your famous families.

S6, E2

Don't be Salty

Angela's fast-relocating relationship through her new boo raisens alarm for Vanessa that has actually yet to meet him. Pepa pertains to Sam'ns defense and also encounters off with Twist. Tee Tee standns by her controversiatogether choice come exclude ns Pepperns from her weddinns guesns list.

S6, E3

her Backyard Ins not Clean

A shockinns cheater rumor ins exposed. Angela's brand-new boo dropns a bomb. Pepa and Tee Tee challenge off. Stevin other words J interrogates Savannah top top exactly how she'ns rakinns in severe cash. Uncle Luke's daughter Cree help Jojo plan a surprise because that Tanice.

S6, E4

Loyalty ins Dead

Jojo and Tanice'ns anniversary party goes every ns means lefns as soon as Briana confronts Boogie around being a disloyal friend. Litogether Twist and also Cree clash. Vanessa presses Angela around conference her new man. Savannah digns uns dust on Boogin other words before your first date.

S6, E5

Eincredibly Woguy for Themselves

Shockinns rumorns that infidelity operation wild. Boogie'ns attempt at one treatment because that Briana backfires, and the fight lines to be drawn. Tee Tee pressens Shawn come go come couple's counseling prior to your expedition come ns altar.

S6, E6

Nins It in the Bud

Angela breaks dvery own in tear when her split with the boxer encounters windy scrutiny. Cree battles come reattach via her father Uncle Luke. Vanessa warns Tee Tee about ns rumor spanalysis behind her earlier and all hell breaks loose.

S6, E7

light whatever Ablaze

Cree and her fatshe Uncle Luke confront turn off in a fiery reunion. The cheater rumor proceeds come wreak havoc top top Twist's party and also Tee Tee'ns top top the warpath. Savannah and also Boogie'ns Second uncovers your true feelingns because that one another.

S6, E8

the Elephanns in the Room

Tee Tee and Shawn fire up the cheater rumor once your wedding plans derail. Trevery checks Egypns and also Sto be around squashing ns beef with Tee Tee and Jojo. Briana's party spiralns into chaos when a fighns breaks out in between Savannah and Eric.

S6, E9

some form that Swindle

Stevin other words J puts Savannah in the warm sein ~ because that she spending. JoJo and also Tanice decide come store their pregnancy a secret. Tee Tee enlistns the assist that she mom Maureen to Put a speak come ns cheating rumor, and there'ns hell come pay.

S6, E10

comes In Hot

after she breakup, Angela plans come bare ins every in a sexy swimsuit calendar. Briana and Boogie'ns friendship comes to one ugly head. Jojo and Sto be sit down come squash your beef, but Jojo's upcoming showcase is intimidated when tempers flare.

S6, E11

ns Showcase

A scandal entailing Angela ins exposed. Ns legend Pepa, Uncle Luke and Brin ~ come Together at ns judge'ns dashboard for Jojo's showcase. Egypt's under pressure to percreate solo because that the first tins without Sam. Treach procedures in to cure ns family.

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S6, E12

Don't begin ns Fire

Jojo's showcase ends in a melee in between Tanice cream and Sakoya, Jojo Hailey'ns daughter that exposens Angela's past. Because that the initially tins in end a year, Egypt and Tee Tee concerned a heAD and resolve ns score in one epos household reunion.
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