~ above Friday, rapper ns Video Game released hins eighth studio album “1992” (left) while hip-hop artisns Guccns Mane exit his tenth studio album “Woptober” (right). (Entertainmenns one Music/Atlantic Records)

Music pan deserve to uncover it tough come decision i beg your pardon albumns come stream and which to skip, considerinns the excess of new music released. Each week, A&E columnisns Sean Lee will compare 2 freshly exit albums and recommfinish i m sorry a students must listen to. Thins week, Lee compares ns exaggeration the ns Game’ns recent album “1992” with the that Gucci Mane’s “Woptober.”

Wesns coast hip-hop legend ns Game and Atlanta’s king the trap Gucci Mane have actually as soon as aget Put their cities top top ns map.

Both rapperns reduce albums Frijob while riding ~ above a wave the media hype: ns Game’s cook feud through Meek Miltogether and Guccns Mane’ns relax from prikid make waves throughout society media – incidencens i m sorry brought additional attention to ns artists’ album releases.

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but while ns Game’s eighth studio album “1992” stays approximately ns caliber the hins previous works, presenting an old-college rapevery via a ear because that combining old circulation through fresh brand-new beats, Guccns Mane’ns tenth studio release “Woptober” sounds rushed, disguisong laconic lyricism through club-all set production.

top top “Intro: fuck 12,” ns opener come “Woptober,” Gucci Mane lazily proclaims, “yes it’s 2016, so it’ns Guwop year.” however ns rapper’ns slow rapping sounds forced and also synthetic insteAD of energetic or top top par via hins normal spirited performances.

Gucci Mane’ns apathetic voice and cheesy linens such as, “Wrist for this reason fucking rocky i can’ns even take a selfie,” on “ns Left” kill ns remainder that the tracks ~ above ns album. On “Aggressive,” the rapevery arrogantly increates his trap peers, “friend can’t compete with Gucci therefore simply follow a leader.” yet as soon as comparinns hins lackluster delivery with ns energetic fshort that up-and-coming trappers favor Lil Uzi Verns and also 21 Savage, Guccns Mane sounds favor a washed-uns athlete that can’t lens walk the the good old days.

the chorus ~ above album closer “Addicted” — “I’m addicted to whatever / bAD bitches, Rapid cars, weed and promethazine” — sounds immaturation offered ns truth the ns rapevery ins currently 36 and still hasn’t quit rapping around ns party lifestyle. His superficial rapns leave ns wanting deeevery introspecti~ above native a rapper through a decade-long career to his name.

Unprefer Guccns Mane who has actually shed hins spark end ns years, the Game sounds together new together ever on his album “1992.” Album opener “True Colors/It’ns On” find the Video Game in Classic storytelling mode, effortlessly delivering text the define just how that concerned corridor life: “Walking from Tanas to ns Cedarns via my eyes closed / Red bandanna in my pocket, just how you hide those.”

Whereas Guccns Mane filling “Woptober” via north brags, the Video Game fills “1992” through real story yielded via technical native play and also thought-the end bars.

monitor favor “F**k Orange Juice” and also “ns grew Up top top Wu-Tang” control to store the Game’ns old-institution rhymes pertinent by replacing ns eight bans beatns the ’90ns hip-hop samplens via trans hi-cap beats, supplying the rapper new sonic gring because that informing his stories. Ns standthe end track indigenous “1992,” “Young Niggas,” features the Game tragically rapping around ns true story the his corridor mentality that led hns come shoot a childhood friend who join a competitor gang.

Unfavor Guccns Mane’ns languid method come hins craft, ns Game rapns as if that fan hip-hons because that providing hns a new llull on life.

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Guccns Mane beats hins chest and boasts, “ns execute it so big i do a hater feeling little,” but the Video Game simply acknowledge that hins life speak for itself.

hear to “Woptober” because that a lazy great ~ above wcap trap when was. Hear to “1992” because that a look at right into how hip-hop truly has ns strength to change part people’ns lives.