we are cursed to transferring USDA services to America’ns startupcuba.org and also ranchair while acquisition security actions in reaction to ns COVID-19, or brand-new coronavirus, outbreak. Girlfriend deserve to discover sources related to COVID-19 and also the H-2A visa routine on ns H-2A COVID-19 page.

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H-2A visa Program

to be you a farmer who requirements seasonatogether or momentary employees because that planting, cultivating, and harvest crops yet domestic workers to be in Quick supply?

ns H-2A temporary agricultural workers routine – regularly referred to as ns H-2A visa routine - help American startupcuba.org fill employment gaps by hiring workers indigenous various other countries.

get started below by:

finding out the H-2A passport applications basicsproducing a personalized H-2A passport application checkperform built about her rental needsEstiadjustment the costs the hiring employees with the H-2A visa program

already began a H-2A visa application? check ns approval status that her cases with ns department of labor or UNITED STATE Citizenship and immigration Services. Come track ns status the your cases end time, authorize in or authorize up for a startupcuba.org H-2A dashboard accounting with login.gov.

about ns H-2A visa Program

ns H-2A momentary agricultural regime helps employerns that suspect a lack that easily accessible residential employees come lug foreign workers come ns U.S. To percreate temporary or seasonal agricultural work-related including, yet not limited to, planting, cultivating, or harvest labor.

depending on the type the work you need, short-term or seasonal farming job-related have the right to occur ~ above farms, plantations, ranches, nurseries, ranges, greenhouses, orchards, or various other equivalent locations.

Seasonal occupational ins as soon as you require more aid 보다 usual Since ns job-related ins bound come a particular time that year through an occasion or pattern, like a Quick yearly Cultivation cycle.Temporary job-related lasts no much longer than 1 year.

If girlfriend have actually to be impacted through a strike, job-related stoppage, or layturn off within 60 days the when work will certainly start, girlfriend might not qualified because that ns program.

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to get involved in ns program, you will do it job-related through her State Workpressure agency to serious recruit U.S. Workers. The State Workpressure company will publicly post her project stimulate come recruit UNITED STATE workers. Friend need to expropriate standard referrals that UNITED STATE employees who apply because that the job, and also contact any previous UNITED STATE employee in ~ their critical well-known call address. Once a default UNITED STATE worker applies, girlfriend must rental castle until 50 percent the ns work duration mentioned in the work-related constreet has actually passed. After ~ 50 percent, tright here ins no continued affirmative responsibility to hire.