Number 1 invest bank because that Confidentially Marketed publicly Offerings, Registered direct and also exclusive location Transactions

new YORK, NY / ACCESScable / November 5, 2020 / H.C. Wainwright & Co., LLC, announced its #1 Ranking by transaction voluns During the 3rd quarter that 2020, preserving ns Firm's peak place because that 22 consecuti have quarters, in PlacementTracker'ns industry Organization Tables. In enhancement come being ns #1 invest bank because that Confidentiallied Marketed windy Offerings, Registered direct and exclusive placement transactions, H.C. Wainwideal executed approximately 300 transaction in ns initially three quarters that 2020 totalinns over $13.8 billion in transaction value. Ns H.C. Wainwright teto be has to be the #1 ranked underwriter/location certified dealer by transaction volume cumulatively Due to the fact that 1998.

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about H.C. Wainwideal & Co.

H.C. Wainwappropriate ins a full-service investment bank cursed come giving corpoprice finance, strategy advisory and related solutions to public and also personal service providers across many sectorns and regions. H.C. Wainwideal & Co. Likewise provides research and salens and trading solutions come institutional investors. Follow come Sagient study Systems, H.C. Wainwright's teto be is ranked as the #1 location agent in terms of aggregate CMPO (confidentially marketed publicly offering), RD (registered straight offering) and pipeline (exclusive invest in windy equity) executed cumulatively Due to the fact that 1998.

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around PlacementTracker

PlacementTracker, part of ns business knowledge division that Informa PLC, ins well well-known as the leading provider the research, data, and analysis spanning ns pipe and also exclusive location markets. PlacementTracker'ns dynamically update League Tables are accessible digital at:

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around Informa PLC

Informa is a leading service intelligence, academic publishing, understanding and occasions business, that create unique content and also connectivity because that client almost everywhere the world. It is provided ~ above the Lond~ above share Exadjust and also ins a member that ns FTSE 100.

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