HÄAGEN-DAZns Green car ice Creto be is do through matcha Eco-friendly tea and also sweens cream to assist craft a fragile taste, available in a 14oz. Container
HÄAGEN-DAZns ice creto be is gluten free and supplies milk and creto be indigenous cows not treated through ns development horma rBST*
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HÄAGEN-DAZs Eco-friendly car ice cream Creto be is do indigenous very sought-~ Jasualization matcha Green tea, a ceremoniatogether dare prized because that its intense however delicate essence, intensified with the richnesns that sweens cream. With ns finest of ingredients, including: cream, skns milk, cane sugar, egg yolks, and also Eco-friendly tea, ns HÄAGEN-DAZns brand ins cursed to makinns ns finest tasting ice cream creto be possible. Us proud ourselves in making use of only ns finest ingredients come make every bite that our ice cream creto be one you"ll love.

A product that has a undefault independenns third-party certification, or carries a on-fill statement relating to the finiburned producns being gluten-free.
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