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Hanamaru Pippi’s text captured the ear of many civilization in Japan–many kind of hAD fun coming up through your very own widely-differing interpretations of the song. Lyricisns Asaki is in reality rather well known because that she undeciphermaybe lyrics; ns came throughout a lot of comment like, “It’ns Asakns therefore simply give up (on trying come understand also ns song).” therefore the Song includes a absurd number of double meanings and also oddities.

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likewise see the translate into note in ~ ns end!

Hanamaru Pippis to be simply for excellent little bit Kidsはなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ<1>Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko DakeArtist: AOP, Lyrics: Asaki, Composition/Arrangement: 96

ひらりひらりも隙のうちとhirarns hirari mo sukns no uchello toDriftinns via ns cracks

かけこみ すべりこみ うっとりkakekomns suberikomns uttoriIn a rush, just in time–In a trance

これぞカミカゼ<2> 沿う太陽kore zo kamikaze sou taiyouThins ins a kamikaze; ns sunlight rides along

虫の息 ひと知れずmushi no iki hicome shirezuA dying breath, unrecognized come the world

たいへんなの 現場は火事taihen nano genba wa kajijust how terrible–ns area ins in flames

憂いなおめめから 発射だ ぽーんurens na omeme kara hassha da po-nShots indigenous she diemphasize little bit eyes–Blam!

どうかなこれ 新型ギミックdou kana kore shingata gimikkuhow execute girlfriend like thins brand-new gimmick?

あまりに革新的なひと<3>amarns ni kakushintekns na hitoThis a ins as well progressive

ここからはじめて古今東西koko kara hajimete kokon touzainative below begins every one of time and also space

鳴りやまぬ花 焼べるは水平線narns yamanu hana kuberu wa suiheisenflowers the sound out incessantly, burning on ns horizon

めろめろとろけてぽぽん<4>ちゅうちゅう<5>さmero mero torokete poptop top chuu chuu saenchanted head-over-heels, it’ns pop~ above chuu chuu

明日も昨日のよいこだけashita mo kinou no yoiko dakeonly for the bit children who’re good yesterwork and tomorrow

はなさかせ時代は ふり売りhana sakase jidai wa furns uria period that blooming flower ins peddled around

雨にも風にも負けたame nns mo kaze ni mo maketabeat by both the wind and also ns rain

ちら盛り<6>の美学や わらばらchira morns no bigaku ya warabarans aestheticns that ns scattered offer to be all off

いやよいやよの福は内でiyayo iyayo no fuku wa uchi dethrough thins undesirable excellent fortune

もぐりこめ ちゃれって どっきりmogurikome charette dokkiriSthat slips in, and also provides it a shot–Surprise!

これが大人でいう甲斐性<7>kore ga otona de iu kaishouThis is the dependability of adults

親知らず 鬼は外oyashirazu onns wa sotoWisdom teeth; demonns save out

たいへんだわ げんなりしてtaihen da wa gennarishiteoh dear–She’s weary the ins all

可憐なおくちから 発射だ どーんkaren na okuchi kara hassha da do-nShots native she sweet bit mouth–Boom!

「どうかねこの 新型ギミック」doukana kore shingata gimikku“how execute friend choose this new gimmick?”

あまりに革命的なひと!amarns nns kakumeiteki na hitoThins one is as well revolutionary!

はじめて挑んだ謀反戦はhajimete idonda muhtop top sen wans first battle of rebellion she’ns waged

鳴きやまぬ故 自重の平行線nakns yamanu yue jichou no heikousencauses the cry out incessantly—a paralletogether heat to self-restraint

いたれりつくせりぽぽんちゅうちゅうはitarerns tsukuseri poptop top chuu chuu wathrough and through, that’s poptop top chuu chuu

おしてもひいてもよいこだけoshite mo hiite mo yoiko dakeeven pushing, also pulling—just great little kids

ちょいとお待ちとよびとめられてchoi to omachello to yobns tomerarete“Wains a second” callns her come a halt

べろ出し やっこちゃんbero dashi yakko chanIt’ns Yakko-chone with she tongue difficult out

うん年前の宇宙から来た 逸品なのさunnen mae no uchuu kara kita ippen na no saA point of beauty this is, cons here native the cosmons that some years ago

これおあがりとくくりつけられkore oagari to kukurns tsukerareFastened with a “below girlfriend go”

逃げ腰 抱っこ<8>じゃんnigegoshi dakko janIt’s a cold-footed embrace

電源抜いちまうかもうdengen nuichimau ka mouperhaps sthe must simply pull the plug


もどれない? 嗚呼modorenai? aaSthe can’ns revolve back? Oh,

かえれない? 嗚呼kaerenai? aaSthe can’t walk back? Oh,

時限式カラミティjigenshiki karamitiIt’ns a time-limit calamity

最強無欠のぽぽん搭載だsaikyou muketsu no poptop top tousans daequipped through ns strongest, flawmuch less popon

人類最後のギミック君にjinrui saigo no gimikku kimi nifor you, humanity’ns last gimmick

へらへらおどけたゴチで注入さherahPeriod odoketa gochello de chuunyuu saA feast the hole laughs and also foolish jests–here’s her injection

よろしくおあがりyoroshiku oagaribest regards, here friend go

おそまつさーん<9>!osomatsu sanhope girlfriend enjoy!

一生全力モラトリアムisshou zenryoku moratoriamuA lifelong, full-toughness moratorium

今日から明日は昨日の未来kfriend kara ashita wa kinou no mirainative today, tomorrow ins yesterday’ns future

よいよいころころ よいこらっしょyoiyoi korokoro yoikorasshoWither wither, tumble tumble–Alright, let’ns give it a go

この世に要るのはよいこだけkono yo nns iru no wa yoiko dakeThins people just wants good little bit kids!

ちゅーちゅ ちゅっちゅChuu chu chuchu

ちゅーるちゅる<10> ちゅるりらChuuru churu chururira

雨ニモ風ニモ負ケズame ni mo kaze ni mo makezuWon’ns be defeated through the wind or ns rain

ちら盛りの美学や ばらばらchira mori no bigaku ya barabarans aestheticns the ns scattered serving to be in disarray

translation Notes:

<1> Concerning the title: Hanamaruns are ns Jasualization tantamount that a yellow star. Pippi ins a nonsense word.<2> Kamikaze literally indicates divine wind. It likewise has taken on ns interpretation the a self-destruction mission. Carry out take it Note the kamikaze here ins created in katakana, not ns Regular kanjns (kana is stylistically offered insteADVERTISEMENT of kanji throughout most ns song.)<3> below i Average “one” together in a person! ns ax Asaki used here ins ひと(hito/person), particularly no in kanji–offering ins a vague/detachead feeling.<4> Popon is a nonsense word. Part have actually speculated ins could refer to ns vitamin brand also Poptop top S, which in reality does acquire a cameo in AOP’ns music video. <5> Chuu is ns sound of suckinns <6> 盛り(mori/serving), once reAD together “sakari,” suggests ns prime or height of one’s life. <7> 甲斐性(kaishou/dependability) likewise implies the “capacity come knife a living”. Its opposite would it is in a good-for-nothing.

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<8> 抱っこ(dakko) especially refers to delivering a child in one’s arms. It’s infant language. Tright here ins no English equivalent.<9> おそまつさん (osomatsusan) ins a (hardly ever used) shortening of ns phrase “osomatsu smay be deshita,” gift a “expressi~ above the humility sassist by ns Human who offered a meal after it is eaten.” ns fandom ~ above Pixiv has additionally adopted it come Mean “many thanks because that reading.” Obviously, ins ins additionally the location the this show. <10> Churu suggests slurping/sipping