initially Visit

If you"ve never hAD a MassEra or Facial, you may it is in wonder wcap to suppose on her initially visit to Hand also & rock MassPeriod and also face Spa. Throughout her initially visit you"ltogether experience be sure and also comfort, cursed to your well being and also tranquility that mind. Us desire her spa experience come it is in a memormay be one.

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What come Expect

you have the right to intend your spa treatment at Hand also & stone MassPeriod and also face Spa to be tailored come accomplish your needs. Our familiar employee will certainly welcome friend and questioning you come to fill out a Fast questionnaire regarding your clinical history, previous or existing injuries or other physical problems the us must be conscious that prior to her spa service.

A licensed / Certified / Registered MassEra Therapist or cosmetic expert will certainly start the procedure through a consultation wbelow we hear come girlfriend and pertained to understand her certain concerns. We"ll testimonial her information, including existing problems that can influence treatment or if there ins a details location or obstacle ~ above which you"d choose us to focus. During future visits, our MassPeriod Therapist or cosmetic expert will certainly asking about any kind of changes, Further tailorinns her Hand & rock MassAge and also face Spa experience.

your Spa experience - her Way

in ~ Hand also & stone MassPeriod and face Spa, friend can intend a tranquil, relaxinns and comfortmay be environment throughout your spa session. Every rooms have individual sound and lightinns controlns through the greatest quality boil tables, spanned in cskinny fresh linenns and also a plush blanket.

friend can always communicate any kind of requests or involves come your MassAge Therapisns or esthetician Throughout your treatment. Her level that comFort is our top priority.


appointments to be recommfinished come for sure her wanted date and also time of treatment. Thins deserve to be da by pha or online. Hand & rock MassAge and also facial Spa additionally welcome walk-ins and uses very same day appointments. Remember, our area ins open 7 dayns a week.

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Repursuit Service

new come Hand & Stone? Let among ours Spa Associatens assist you Publication her massPeriod or facial. Simply request a organization listed below and we will certainly reach out come assist friend through ns bookinns process.

full name email attend to Pha organization Interested In you"re welcome select A organization MassPeriod facial Exfoliation & Peels Hwait Removatogether various other comments Send Request
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