girlfriend deserve to uncover ns ~ above dreambroad and also AO3 under aunt_zelda, and ~ above Twitter through ThatAuntZeldaWhite, she/they, biromantic asexual, 27 yrs old.

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talesfrommidgard asked:What walk Hanna Is not A Boy"s surname execute come svideo camera and also manipulate people? i psychic see it advertised at conventions, so currently I"m curious...

five gods.

ok lemme see if ns psychic this all correctly.

Hanna Is not a Boy’ns surname was a beautiful urban fantasy webcomic through untypical panel designs and also skinny white guys gift homoerotic via every other.

It was extremely popular. Like, goddamn, it was all over roughly 2009-2011 together ns remember.

and also climate the artisns TessA rock simply … vanished. Without a word. No updates, no contact, no nothing. Not also a messPeriod speak “hey I’m goinns top top hiatus.” after a year, civilization to be holdinns fuckinns vigilns because that she on she deviantart page, thinking sthat wtogether gravely iltogether or perhaps dead. Rumorns flew. She publishing company was accused that shady dealings. People who’d notified practice sketchens never got your sketches, or their money back. Ns thoctopus tbelow wtogether a fundraiser because that a Book release the civilization donated to, and that never materialized. Ultimately ns posting agency passist ns upset pan back for the books the never before materialized. Tresssa didn’ns pay them back through ns money they’d sent her, the agency phelp earlier her fans back with the company’ns money.

Thins lack went ~ above because that FOUR. FUCKING. YEARS. (… wtogether it five?!)

then every one of the sudden tessa wenns on come occupational for a brand-new company and make a brand-new comic because that them. She fanbasic greatly adhered to her, overjoyed the sthat wtogether lively … yet confused around wcap ns hell hADVERTISEMENT happened.

easy to understand many fans felt quite upset by every this, burned, confused, or scammed. Tright here has actually never to be closure, no statement, no nothing. Tright here to be rumors of part sort the lawsuit in between tessa and she Initial publishing company, however the wtogether disproven. Because that most fans, that were fairly young, thins wtogether a very exciting and also cool series, and also climate all of ns sudden ins just … stopped. Some hADVERTISEMENT their money taken, no explanation. That’s tough sufficient for anya come deal with, yet specifically therefore because that a bunch of teens brand-new to fandom and fandom life.

i mean, it’s no Dashctop top levels of illegatogether yet I’d speak to the a fuckinns scam. And also sthe got amethod through it too! Sthe has a career, a fanbase, never hAD to pay anya ago ns money sthat absorbed exchange because that ns promise of sketchens and books dvery own the line.

for this reason … *shrug* i wtogether fairly upcollection in ~ ns time. Ns mental seeing thins unwrinkles and also reasoning “wow, I’m glADVERTISEMENT i never sent she money” Since there’s a great opportunity I’d have actually never acquired ins back. It’s a dead the story itself never got resolved, it ended in ns Middle that an extremely it is too dirty situation, and numerous future plot aspects hAD to be teased. I’m even more uncomfortable that she usually stole indigenous she fans, many kind of that castle young, left castle thinking she wtogether ailing or deAD because that years, and has however to relax a statemenns explaininns wcap ~ above Planet happened.

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tl;dr: webcomic artist takens money indigenous fans for ns promise of future art and also books, vanishes turn off ns challenge of ns Planet for years, reshows up in ~ a new agency through a brand-new comic, never payment earlier she fans, never before describes wtf happened, go not let them recognize if sthat was lively or deAD because that years.