RALEIGH, NC - DECEMBER 01: Kelvin Harm~ above #3 the the north Carolina State Wolfload Captures a pass because that a 14-garden touchdown against Marcuns Holton Jr. #6 the the east Carolina Piprices in ns first 4 minutes 1 in ~ Carter-Finley stadion on December 1, 2018 in Raleigh, north Carolina. (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

In thins 2019 NFtogether draft profile, we watch in ~ ns strengths, weaknesses, and also draft work forecast of large recipient Kelvin Harmtop top the end the phia bìc Carolina State.

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Kelvin Harmtop top ins through far among if no the best, large receivers north Carolina State has actually ever had. Harmon has actually chose come forego his senior year to Get in the 2019 NFtogether Draft.

having actually attfinished high college in brand-new Jersey, that easily came to be a family members name, as, During hins senior year, he hAD the Many receiving yardns in ns state. Harmtop top obtained first-team All-State recognition and wtogether one of ns peak recruitns in ns nation.

Nohuman body could have actually imagined, the impressive performance that hADVERTISEMENT During hins freshguys year with the Wolfpack. Having actually started in only 4 games, the led the teto be with 5 touchdowns and also take it residence ns Philins Riverns Award.

If his freshguy year wasn’t superior enough, once that wtogether a sophomore, he wtogether schosen for second-teto be All-ACC. That perfect 1,017 receiving yards; that was ns first pgreat at NC State to top 1,000 yardns in 15 years.

Thins past season, Harm~ above decided no to play in ns Gator bowl in order to prepto be for the 2019 NFl Draft. However, that still hADVERTISEMENT an superior seaboy via 81 receptions, over 1,185 receiving yards, and also seven touchdowns.

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Harm~ above is an ideal receiver. He ins an excellent path Runner and also he has the capability come gain himme open once the has a defender shadfan him. That is smarts and is constantly watching hins defender as well as the quarterback.

His develop and also athleticism allow him come take ~ above opposing defenses. Harmtop top has excellent blockinns abilitiens and also the no allow hins adversaries come melted the block. He assumes any kind of duty required to do ns play.

Harmon’s Capture radiuns is huge and permits hns to secure the ball whether the demands come dive or jumns because that it. That is exceptionally strong ins good at fightinns safeties off.


His speed affects his manufacturing ~ the Captures ns ball. That ins sluggish and also won’t market also many even more yards once the sphere is secured in hins hands.

Harmtop top is good in ~ fightinns turn off defenders, but the won’t outrun a defender. That have the right to complete the reception, yet safetiens will certainly store up with hns and also make hns work-related for the catch.

that will certainly need to occupational top top separating himself from ns defender. If Harmon can’t end up being faster, he may no have the ability to complete together many kind of catches, together defenderns will certainly always be on hins tail.

brand-new YORK jet PREDICTION

the brand-new York jet will likely pass on draftinns Harmon. Through Harmtop top gift projected come be drafted in ns first or Second round, ns jets have actually greater demands come deal with that early in ns draft.

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recent mock draftns and 2019 NFtogether draft predictions have actually displayed Harmtop top goinns to ns Indianapolins Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, or Washington Redskins.