hello everyone! ns have actually to be analysis take care of Potter fanficns wbelow harry is adopted by Tony Stark. I really enDelight lock yet i have reAD therefore many that ns can'ns find any kind of more. Ns don't want a fem Harry. You"re welcome help me discover one!


i have actually a few! some to be better 보다 others, expect friend prefer them. The last a ins ns other means around, but ns love it!

ns distinct Truth, misteeirene, I'll offer ins 3/5


Summer after ~ 4th year bother learnns the Jamens isn't specifically is father and also Lily isn'ns hins mother. Will his newly uncovered household have the ability to aid him recoup native hins violent, abusive childhood? will certainly he have the ability to to trust aget sufficient to discover love?

Jade Stark, kids that Darkness, candid can'ns remember...

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Lily goes come America, and comes earlier pregnant. Exactly how will being someone else's daughter adjust ns Hp world because that Jade? and also also, who to be the genuine parental fees that the so late Lily Potter? will include part things from ns comics.

3 damaged Hearts, featheredschist, 3/5


In a strange twist that fate, take care of ends up ns embraced kid the 2 that Earth's Mightiesns Heroes. Some folks that course, don't like this, wantinns the young who live come reKey ns ignorant bastion the irradiate they need hns to be. Harry'ns adoptive fathair desire him come have every they never did.AU - Dark fic! Dumbles bashinns (he ins no a nice cream personality in thins story, same warning. Personality listinns ins woetotally incomplete, but Many of ns HP-city folks will certainly appear, and also a goodly chunk the ns Avengerns will certainly show up (comics verse).)

Lokijarkid (Matronymic), orphan_account, 4/5


Harry's heADVERTISEMENT harms and hins human body aches and also his thoughts and emovements to be whirling and also thins totality night has to be even crazier than the usual finish that year catastrophe the stumbles hins method into. Voldemort resurrected and also now thins - a strange, non-Person magic user claiming to be his mother?!

“girlfriend can’t it is in my mommy - it is a not biologicallied possible, is it? you a man! and if she my mother, who wtogether mine father? and also i’m stiltogether no certain i believe you!”

Loki laughs again; ins sounds sAD and also resigned.

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“girlfriend have many type of questions, Hávarðr, and ns will certainly answer them because that you in time.”

Thins one is ns various other way around, however i loved ins and desire to share. 5/5

mine Dad, the boy (*Man) that Lives, by TJB084117


crazy idea. Wcap if bother wtogether Tony's dad?not in a milli~ above years would harry thought the by lettinns Anthony it is in organized for a minute by a woman who simply shed her baby, would let the push walk wild.In under an hour, the whole city kbrand-new about his baby. And under a couple the hrs so go ns whole united claims of America. And quickly ns whole world would know. Ns worsns thing was the lock believed Anthony wtogether ns distinguishable heir.